Some Oracle Links

Some Oracle Links

General Newsgroup Hierarchy Charter
Oracle Myths and Folklore
list of 9.2 books
RMAN index
Oracle 8i docs
Basic administration
Internal 600 errors
Oracle Commands
Installing Oracle on Linux

Consultants and Tools

Quest (Was RevealNet) DBA Pipeline
Steve Adams/Ixora
JL Computing
Connor McDonald's site
Morgan's Library
Brian Peasland's site
oraperf analyzer
Dizwell Informatics
Niall Litchfield
Oracle Idiosyncracies
Stewart McGlaughlin's Links
Werner's Linux Page
Pete Finnegan's Security links
DBA Companion
oracle-l mailing list archives
orafaq newsreader
Faqchest for oracle-l
Evergreen Database
DBA Support page
Thomas Kyte's Page
Sourceforge Oracle Performance
Perl DBI example
Ari Kaplan's Oracle DBA Consultant, Baseball, Caltech Page
Mark Lang
Oracle Magazine Interactive
Oracle magazine tools
OraWorld Home Page: Oracle Training and Much More!
Tool for Oracle Application Developers - SQL - TOAD
A rated selection of Internet search tools
Keeptool (Hora, ER designer, PL/SQL debugger
Web Alchemy (html --> PL) - good resource listing
Cool Tools (free DataBee)
Lazy Dog Utilities
Dan Clamage


Oracle 2-Day DBA
Register for the Oracle OCP exam
Oracle Education: DBA Masters Electives
Basic Oracle class at University of Washington
Advanced Oracle Class
UCSD Extension certificate


Oracle Support's homepage
Oracle Underground Frequently Asked Questions
Oracle Openworld Papers
IOUG 10g links
Richard Foote's Index Internals
Oracle Technical Library
Oracle Government
Oracle technical library enterprise edition
Oracle Patches
OraPub of Earth
IOUG Primary Key Bookstore
Amazon Oracle Books
Oracle7 Server for Sun SPARC Solaris 2.x Administrator's Reference Guide Addendum:Oracle Book Index
Janet's Oracle DBA FAQs 1/6
AltaVista: Simple Query oracle dba
Oracle Documentation (wpi)
Oracle Documentation (um)
Oracle Documentation (uwyo)
Oracle Documentation (tamu)
Oracle Documentation (fnal)
Oracle Doc (ru)
Oracle Documentation (info-it)
Developer/2000 tutorial (Holowczak)
Developer/2000 tutorial (Sarker)
Franks list of links
Oracle De-Support Matrix
RDBMS Interview Questions
Oracle7 Server for Sun SPARC Solaris 2.x Administrator's Reference Guide Addendum:Oracle Book Index
Oracle Publications
Oracle Developers Program
Netscape apps help
Usenet FAQ list
FAQ Finder: Your Guide to Finding Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Various old texts
History of SQL
Oracle/Linux installation instructions
XML DBMS interface
Perl DBI examples
Perl DBI scripts
HP-UX index at metalink
9.0.4 Beta Portal Users Guide
Portal Sizing Doc
Encryption Links

User Groups

IOUG-A Online
Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG)
sdoug (San Diego)
LAOUG (Los Angeles)
NoCOUG (Northern California)
Oracle Applications
The Puget Sound Oracle Users Group
Australian, New Zealand
Fort Worth
Hong Kong
Houston Oracle
Maine State
MAOP (Mid-Atlantic)
New York
North Carolina
Rocky Mountain
South Florida

Hardware and OS

Comparison of Linux and Windows
Compaq Oracle sizer applet
hp-ux FAQ text version
Open Source Test Suites
hp-ux FAQ html version
Unix Timeline
IBM RS/6000 Products & Services
ftp: Solaris2.6 Patch Report
Solaris 2.6 FAQs
linux apps
Unix vs. NT
FreeBSD handbook
Big Brother (system monitoring)
vi pages
Perl fast patch system


Jora, Java-Oracle Driver Architecture 
Mowi2, WWW to Oracle Interface 
RCS Oracle/ PL/SQL WWW Interface 
The Unofficial Oracle Webserver Site 
Web - Oracle Gateway 

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