It's hard to believe, but it's almost election time already. Time to start thinking about how you can help make our excellent club even better. Time to start imagining how it must feel to hear the strains of "Hail to the Chief" playing every time you enter the room. Will Shawn make a play to consolidate his hold on the reins of power? Will a challenger rise and attempt to defeat him with a bold attempt at buying votes? Will anybody volunteer to do anything? Come to the meeting and vote! Same Vette-time, same Vette-channel!

Everyone should have gotten their NCCC packages by now. Each packet comes with a limited time offer for a free rule book. Everyone should send this in, even if you don't feel you need it, so we can have some on hand for new members to look at.

Christmas Party!

Saturday, December 16, 1995, North Coast Vettes had our annual Christmas Progressive Dinner. There were three parts to the progression; hors d'oveurs at the Muzio's, dinner at Shawn Silva's, and dessert/gift exchange at the Garry's.

The Muzio's in Vista had a selection of fine cheeses, crackers, salmon, and various veggies with dip. In the driveway, they had their cars decorated with Christmas lights! After a bit of socializing, we caravanned to Shawn's place in Elfin Forest - at least those courageous enough to brave the (admittedly well-graded) dirt driveway. There we were treated to a delicious catered Italian dinner of salad, lasagna, garlic bread, and veal parmigiana.

After dinner, we made a brief tour of Christmas lights in east Vista. Then we went to the Garry's house for a potluck dessert bar. Chocolate cake, fudge, carrot cake (with a Corvette emblem), pies, cookies, Corvette crackers, and more! Last came the gift exchange - much more subdued than years past. Each person who bought a gift drew a number, then when all numbers were distributed, had the choice of picking a gift from the pile, or taking a gift from someone who previously had one (who would then pick another gift). There were some real nice Corvette models that made the rounds to the limit!

Participating were: Shawn Silva, Mel & Jessica Muzio & Chris, Frank & Gloria Tecca, Ed & Helene Sheehan, Wes & Kathy DeHoll, Don & Kay Wolfe, Ed & Anita Fredendall, Owen & Carol Rabourn, Bob & Jan Levers, Craig & Anne Howlett, Syd Blake & Jeree, Dan & Sue Hoskin, John & Charleen McMahan, Joel & Laurie Garry, Mike & Judy Stark, and Rick & Marilyn Otto. A wonderful time was had by all!

Plastic Fantastic

North County Corvette Club held their 19th annual Plastic Fantastic Corvette Car Show Concours D'Elegance on Saturday, January 27, 1996. This year they changed the venue from the mall in Mira Mesa to Seaport Village. Corvettes on the grass next to the bay always makes for a plastic fantastic.

North Coast Vettes made a brunch run out of the event, capably planned and organized by Wes & Kathy DeHoll. We met at Penny Lane in San Marcos and took the scenic route west on Sunrise Highway, ordered by color. We went south on 5, east on 8, and south on 163 to the Corvette Diner, where they let us park in the valet area, lined up against the wall. After our sumptous repast served by sassy waitresses, and Gloria Tecca had her birthday fete, we made a brief foray into the new gift shop across the parking lot.

We caravanned to Seaport Village, slowly at times due to the looky loos at an accident. For $5, we got to park in the special Corvette parking lot and admission to the show, benefitting the San Diego Center for Children Foundation. We saw many familiar faces and cars, including some of our own North Coast Vetters: John Pawoll and his big block midyear roadster; Ed Fredendall and the Vet 4 Ed; Eddie Sheehan and his black Doo Wopp, with newly tinted windows; Bob Wiltse with the very Red Sled; Rick Otto bought both the silver fuelie '65 and the black ZR1! Also spotted at the show: Steve Montagna, Marilyn Otto, Dan Hoskin and Mark Francoise.

Making the brunch scene: Owen & Carol Rabourn, Syd Blake, Helene Sheehan, Joel & Laurie Garry, Frank & Gloria Tecca, Mel & Jessica Muzio, Mike Daniele & Gina, Merle & Lori Walker, Daryl Walker & Kevin & Suzanne, Terry Shrock & Kevin, Wes & Kathy DeHoll, and Bill Schmidt & Susan.

Raining Vettes and Bobs.

Membership News

By Helene Sheehan,

Membership Chairman

Meeting Location

Denny's Carlsbad

1048 Carlsbad Village Drive

Carlsbad, CA 92008

West of I-5

North Coast Vettes

P. O. Box 188237

Carlsbad, CA 92009

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