Rear View Mirror - February, 1993: Recap of progressive Christmas dinner - salad at Diane & AJ Johnson's, turkey at Lori & Merle Walker's, and dessert/gifts at Gloria & Frank Tecca's; Mountain Run aborted by rain, brunch at 94th Aero Squadron instead, with only one Vette braving the rain; Planning for Weseloh show & wine run; Planning for West Coast Expo; The Tecca's get a new Vette; Steve Montagna wins two 1st place trophies at Plastic Fantastic (midyear street driven stock and best paint); New members Frank & Gloria Tecca, Judi Root-Hunt, and Charlotte Coffey; Corvette wins SCCA Manufacturers Championship; and Pro-Team Corvette Sales gets the CERV-1.

Well, she's gone. I sold the ZR-1 on the first day of Kwanza. I drove it down to the Miramar area to show the fellow. He asked if his mechanic could give it the once over, I said sure. We drove to a Corvette speciality shop. When we got there, I realized it was TPI performance, and I knew half the people there from the West Coast Expo and other shows! It's a small world after all. When all was said and done, the ZR-1 cost me about $5000 per year (besides gas, oil and insurance) - not a bad price for any modern luxury car, really, and not much more than an average new car bought every three years. It's amazing how accurate the Kelley Blue Book is, although the book might be the cause of the prices rather than the other way around, no matter what they say ( I got exactly half what I paid originally, after 5 years 4 months. It really needed tires and the hood painted, and a good detailing, to bring it up to Corvette-nut specs. I sure wish I was buying rather than selling!

Besides being a bit numb about selling it, I've been pretty introspective about all my years of Vette ownership. I've had at least one Corvette continuously since before I was 17, except for that year-and-a-half in '91-'92. In fact, this is the first time since I was 16 that I have been V8-less. I wonder how old Allan will be when he first asks, "Daddy, why didn't you just put it in under a cover in the garage for me?" J

Of course, this is big news for North Coast Vettes. The club needs a new Newsletter Editor starting with the March issue. This is my big farewell issue. So who will step up to the plate? Granted, it's a fair amount of work, but it is highly rewarding. It's even helped me get a new job (twice) - it's great to casually toss in a job interview, "Oh, by the way, I write a newsletter for a local non-profit group, and publish it on the web." Of course, I'm not trying to get a writing or web-publishing job, but still, in today's high-tech world, every bit helps (Actually, I will be doing some web publishing in my new job. Funny how these things work.). I'm quite willing to help out whoever takes on the task, as well as continue to update and enhance the web page as long as people send me stuff. I may even give compuserve the boot and spring for one of the cable-modem services (such as Cox @home), which would enable us to do things such as publish our history pictures for all to see. Stay tuned, at least occassionally, to my web page. It's a real pain to change addresses.

My wifes uncle in Las Vegas just got a new Vette. <sigh>

For those of you interested in ongoing discussions about cars, and have internet access, there are some lively groups in the newsgroup arena. Check out ca.driving. Add your thoughts to the ongoing discussions.

At a computer expo (COMDEX) Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated "If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving twenty-five dollar cars that got 1000 mi/gal."

Recently General Motors addressed this comment by releasing the statement, "Yes, but would you want your car to crash twice a day?"

British Automotive Terms:

arse = dealer

bloody arse = service dept. guy

bleedin' arse = parts guy

bloody bleedin' arse = service technician

bit of a sticky wicket = out of petrol

fine bleedin' mess = clutch slip

bloody fine bleedin' mess = broken timing belt

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The DeHolls have a webpage for cat lovers:

Good-Bye everyone! See you at the Vette Shows!


Membership News

By Shawn Silva

Membership Chairman

Presidential Prattle

I can't believe we're in 98. Didn't we just have a X-mas party? Thanks again to the Muzios for a great time. Motor Trend says the 98 Vette Convertible is its Car of the Year. Who will be the first to own one? Along with the new year comes Club matters. We plan to use Plastic Fantastic as our Jan. event. Meet at the show entrance at 11:30 for lunch. I would like to use St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 14 as our event. We will have nominations for officers at the February meeting with voting in March. We must make plans for the Weseloh show and event. Vinny the Vice-Guy, aka Mike Daniele, has agreed to take over Club Apparel and our sponser may get involved with a 20th Anniversary shirt. Also, Weseloh may help us with a photo shoot. Ann and Andrew will try to get us invited to appear in Corvette Fever, They are going on the Corvette Caribbean Cruise with the publisher. We need a volunteer to take over the Newsletter, Joel sold his car. All of these matters will be decided at the upcoming meetings so if you want your ideas included or if you want to be heard you must come to the meetings and events. We WILL make those decisions. Your Prez P.S. I will have a Board meeting before the Feb. meeting.

Your Prez


Terry Shrock


North Coast Vettes Christmas Party

December 13, 1997

By Anne Lamache

Accolades to Jessica, Mel and Chris Muzio for graciously inviting us to their new home to celebrate a special Christmas party. Jessica and Chris escorted the Corvette caravan from a store on Old Castle Road to their home. Winding roads, mountainous terrain was just of prelude of what was to come as we turned into Penny Lane, past a lovely fountain, to part. We were invited to view the estate, as we stepped from our cars, before entering their loverly decorated home. Again, what a sight to see all those Corvettes and the 35 people who attended. Once inside, the festivities began. Fireplaces spread a warm glow, Christmas cheer was everywhere as each of us enjoyed the hors d'oeuvres that members had brought. The dining room table was set with china, silver, napkins and a favor on each plate, when opened, revealed a crown which each person wore. Camelot could not have done better! The entre', a buffet of honey baked ham, macaroni and cheese, side dishes, soft drinks and wine were ready for all to partake. Before dessert was served, all adjourned to the family room to converse, reflect and play pictionary. Of course, the young people seemed to get all the answers but it is a fun game to take part in. It was, also, a special night as we celebrated the birthday of Peggy De La Cruz, our new member. A lovely decorated cake, white whipped cream frosting, white shaved chocolate with a Bavarian cream and strawberry filling was delicious. Other desserts and coffee and, of course, champagne! The choosing of gifts was fun, but the possibility of losing that gift to another was not. However, that is the way the gift game is played. Camaraderie was at its best, and folks, we really didn't want to leave. All thanks the Muzio's for their gracious hospitality. The Christmas spirit was with us as we caravaned down the mountain and home. Happy New Year to All.

Those who attended were Terry Shrock & Kevin, Michal Daniel & Gina, Andrew & Anne Lamache, Jessica, Mel & Chris Muzio, Shawn Silva, Bob & Judy Wiltse, Bob & Jan Levers, Ed & Anita Fredendall, Joel & Laurie Garry, Don & Kay Wolfe, Craig & Anne Howlett, Mary Linde & daughter, Roger & Sharlene Conklin & son Brian, Richard & Peggy De La Cruz, and Wes DeHoll (Kathy was ill). Please, forgive me if I have forgotten someone.

North Coast Vettes

P. O. Box 188237

Carlsbad, CA 92009

Sponsored By

Weseloh Chevrolet

Car Country Carlsbad

5335 Paseo del Norte

Carlsbad, CA 92008

(760) 438-1001

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