It's raining outside as I write this, not exactly Corvette weather. We're coming into the season of Vettes... what is the saying, March comes in like a Zebra and goes out like a Wildebeest? Something like that.

All this rain should make for some good flowers. Out in the desert, once again it should be beautiful for the Corvettes of Bakersfield Gamblers Classic. Two years ago it rained like the dickens (first time in decades, or so they want us to believe), last year it was gorgeous. For serious green lovers we have the annual St. Patricks Day Parade, when we all become Irish. For those who also happen to like Corvettes, green or otherwise, the NCRS show in San Marcos is worth a look. I hear tell some of our very own North Coast Vettes members will have their cars there. Long Beach and Pomona are having swap meets for those who think parts is parts. Our annual banquet is on the 23rd, yum, yum.

April flowers with Corvettes. Our own North Coast Vettes Weseloh Car Show unavoidably and unfortunately conflicts with the Corvette Fun Run this year. We really did not intend for that to happen and apologise to anyone who has to choose between the two. If anyone goes to both, I'd love to hear about it! That is Corvette Fever! If we all pitch in with the show we can make it as good as the past shows.

Remember: If at first you don't succeed, skydiving isn't for you. No, that's not it... Where there's a will, there's relatives. No, not that one either... Where there's a Vette, there's a Wave!

Temecula Rod Run

February 17, 1996, Wes & Kathy DeHoll, Bob Levers and Joel & Laurie Garry made a run to the north. We took S14 to 76 to the Main Street Cafe in Fallbrook for brunch. Then we went to Temecula, where thousands upon thousands of hot rods and hot rodders took over the entire Old Temecula. There were even a number of Vettes there with familiar faces around and about. Several dozen of the rods had been in the Vista Burger Run in January.

There was a karaoke stage set up by one of the radio stations. As I walked past, some moderately wasted guy was attempting to get the crowd going to "Louie, Louie." A guy said, "this guy would sound better if he had another beer." I replied in my best Groucho voice "he would sound better if everyone had another beer." As I walked off, I heard a number of comments echoing the sentiment, to the effect of "well, I can drink to that," "me too" etc. And a good time was had by all. Man, those uncorked supercharged rat motors sound great! And a whole conga line of '58 Chevy's just cruisin' by...

Membership News

By Helene Sheehan,

Membership Chairman

Meeting Location

Denny's Carlsbad

1048 Carlsbad Village Drive

Carlsbad, CA 92008

West of I-5

North Coast Vettes

P. O. Box 188237

Carlsbad, CA 92009

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