Here we are, between the two best shows of the year - the Weseloh Autofair and the West Coast Corvette Expo. By now you should all know about the passing of Zora Arkus-Duntov, the Father of the Corvette. Many of us met him last year and found that he was one heck of a guy. Let's make this years Expo one he would have been proud of.

Our own Weseloh show was a success, I wish I could have attended more of it. But with a newborn... Allan says "Thanks for the Corvette hat!" I was glad to see the show had as many Vettes as the one 5 years ago, in spite of so many not being able to attend due to scheduling conflicts. Let's hope that next year we can avoid these conflicts. A toast to April's premier car show!

Rear View Mirror - May, 1991 Newsletter: 4th annual Gamblers Classic in Las Vegas saw the Walkers' Callaway draw immense attention, 140 Corvettes, and a wedding with the bride riding in on a new white roadster; Weseloh autofair attracted 46 Vettes, the make-your-own-burritos hospitality was a hit, Wine Run caravanned to Live Oak Park for a picnic, thence to Temecula and wine tasting; planning brunch run to the Triton; Chevrolet teases us with ZR-2 "Big Doggie" big block; and planning for the California Legends show in Ventura.

Win a Corvette! The Spina Bifida Association of Illinois is benefitting from McDonalds, Windy City Corvettes, and Bill Kay Chevrolet giving away a '96 Vette. See your spring Blue Bars, or contact Windy City Corvettes, Box 353, Orland Park, Illinois. $50 bucks a shot. Also $50 a shot is a raffle from County Corvette Association, P. O. Box 724, Media, PA 19063. Vette Magazine is giving away its Code Red project car, an '85. See any recent issue for details.

Car Show and Brunch Run

By John Pawoll


North Coast Corvette Club members, you did it again! The Weseloh Car Show was a great success! Even though a scheduling problem caused us to compete with a larger Corvette event, we still had great attendance.

Forty-four well-prepared Corvettes comprised the entries in the car show on that bright, sort-of-sunny Saturday. "Kudos" to all club members who won trophies. Best of Show was awarded to North County Corvettes member Ed Darr and his perfect 1960 Corvette. As always, the hot dogs, soft drinks, popcorn, and music were enjoyed by all. Thanks, Weseloh!

The party and dinner on Saturday evening at the Ramada was great! A delicious Mexican buffet was catered by Pollos Maria. The club provided beer, wine, chips, salsa, and dessert. Raffle prizes were abundant, and many participants left with a new "toy" in hand.

Sunday brought another beautiful day. With 18 Corvettes in a caravan, we were quite an impresssive sight! Crooked country roads offered a challenge for those tires and suspensions! A "few" even took short side trips and/or "short cuts," but we all arrived together. What a spectacle - all those Corvettes lined up in a row!

Sunday brunch was at Pala Mesa Resort. Forty-five people enjoyed, probably the best brunch ever. We had a private dining room overlooking the fairway, in which to enjoy packing the food away. Once again, lots of people won prizes, and everyone had fun! We were fortunate to have so many generous sponsors and club members who supplied those raffle prizes.

Note that I have not congratulated anyone individually. This event had support, both financially and workwise, from all club members. We're a small club, but what a great effort was put forth by all members. Pat yourselves on the back, the whole club pulled this off! Good Job everyone!

Support and Donations

The North Coast Vettes of Carsbad, California, would like to thank the following companies and individuals for their very generous support and donations for our Weseloh Autofair '96:

Weseloh Chevrolet, Car Country Carlsbad

Bob Baker Cadillac, Carlsbad

Basics Etc., Temecula

Carlsbad Auto Supply

Carrs Auto Parts, Vista

City Chevrolet, San Diego

Corvestments By Lawton, San Diego

Corvette Diner, San Diego

Ecklers, Florida

Grand Auto Supply, San Marcos

K. B. Motorsports, San Marcos

Mid-America, Illinois

Mighty Parts, San Diego

Napa Auto Parts, San Marcos

National Petroleum, San Diego

Pacific Smog, San Marcos

SCI Promotions, San Diego

Service Distributing, San Diego

Sheepskin Ranch, San Marcos

Zip Products, California

North Coast Vettes Members Raffle Prize donations by the following:

Syd Blake, Escondido

Michael Daniele, Mary Linde, Vista

Wes & Kathy DeHoll, Vista

Richard & Trish Eaton, Encinitas

Ed & Anita Fredendall, San Diego

Joel & Laurie Garry, Vista

Dan & Sue Hoskins, San Diego

Craig & Anne Howlett, Vista

John Kure, Leucadia

Andrew & Anne Lamache, San Diego

Bob & Jan Levers, Escondido

John & Charleen McMahon, Carlsbad

Steve Montagna, Vista

Mel & Jessica Muzio, Vista

Rick & Marilyn Otto, Vista

John & Sally Pawoll, Escondido

Eddie & Helene Sheehan, Carlsbad

Terry & Kevin Shrock, Carlsbad

Shawn Silva, Solana Beach

Frank & Gloria Tecca, Escondido

Bob & Judy Wiltse, Carlsbad

Don & Kay Wolfe, Carlsbad

Muzio Down Under

Dear N. C. Vettes club members:

Well, by now I'm sure most of you know of our trip to New Zealand and Australia. We had a great time in both places, Australia being our favorite. New Zealand was like taking a step back in time. 1960's British cars everywhere. Mel was tripping out saying how it brought back memories of the days he worked on them in England. There is also a strong Studebaker club in New Zealand. A lot of film is dedicated to cars on the road, on the sides of streets, in museums. We even went to a rally race on Easter at Ragoa Racetrack outside Chirstchurch. Saw Minis and a few V8s ending with a bang up at the end with a hot Camaro. Saw Jags pulling caravans (trailers over here). You'd never see that here in the US. Bet you didn't know that Jags have a special light on dash for towing trailers.

On to Australia. I can barely say enough. Most of you got a copy of the Queensland Corvette Club newsletter. Quite a format. Maybe some new ideas for ours. Club member profiles would be a great idea for us to get to know each other. The President of the club came down to visit us and brought us some of their club goodies, which is a gesture I hope we will return. He's a very enthusiastic man with a lot of knowledge about Corvettes. He has Australia's largest private collection of Corvettes, including a ZR1 from San Diego. It costs 18-20K to convert Corvettes from left to right hand drive!! He comes to the states quite frequently and has promised to call when he comes to Sonoma later this year. Maybe we can be a sister club. I also spoke to theVP, Neville Solomon (whose son is a Jag mechanic, small world eh?). He invited us to come over and stay with them next time we're there. They put together package deals for other Corvette clubs for their annual convention. Visitors get to ride with club members on events. Great fun sitting on the left side of car as a passenger, on the left side of the road, and all those roundabouts with cars coming from 6 different directions. Quite a mindblower!! Maybe a few of us could get together and go?

While I'm writing I would also like to say what a good weekend we had at our show. I want to thank everyone who participated on every level. We all worked together to make our show a success, and so it was. Everyone is on a high right now and if we keep this energy up, everything we do will be great. I also want to tell everyone that I was so excited I almost cried when my name was announced as a 2nd place winner in my class car. Thank you!! It was my first entry in any car show ever. What a thrill! And I don't want to forget all the members, reps, and businesses that donated to the raffle. It would not have been possible without you. Thank you all again.

Your fellow club members,

Jessica and Mel Muzio

40'S FUN

Thanking You

We would like to sincerely thank our fellow members for the flowers, phone calls, cards and many words of comfort at the loss of our grandson. It was indeed a tragedy in our lives and we are extremely thankful that we had the support of so many friends during this very difficult time. You were also very instrumental in helping us ease our pain and sorrow. We are very fortunate in having so many considerate and generous friends.


Helene & Eddie Sheehan

Membership News

By Helene Sheehan

Membership Chairman

4/17/96 Meeting

I was unable to attend this meeting but Judy Wiltse was kind enough to introduce two guests. Richard & Angie Reyes from Vista joined our meeting. They own an '81 Corvette. They were told about our club from a friend.

'95/'96 has been a very active and rewarding term for us. Many shows, parades, runs and even a club participation award. This past year has possibly been a record year of new members joining, and we have an all time high of 55 members, to date.

We are looking forward to another busy year with many diversified activities, beginning with Weseloh Auto Fair, West Coast Expo, Tucson Super Bash, Vette Set Car Show in Manhattan Beach, Big Bear Bash, Cars & Stars, Millard Fillmore in Phoenix, etc., and the list goes on and on. Hopefully many members will be active in the coming year and we'll have great participation. "Save The Wave."

Membership Dues

Membership fees are due and payable on June 1st. Rates are $60.00 per individual and $70.00 per couple.

Please give your checks or cash to me at our meeting or mail them to:

North Coast Vettes

P. O. Box 188237

Carlsbad, CA 92009

Thank you.


For Sale

1978 Silver Anniversary with Red Interior, L-82, Air, Factory CB, 9,960 original miles. Automatic transmission, original window sticker and all documentation. $17,000.00

Mike Jones, Oceanside, CA 941-4463

Meeting Location

Denny's Carlsbad

1048 Carlsbad Village Drive

Carlsbad, CA 92008

West of I-5

North Coast Vettes

P. O. Box 188237

Carlsbad, CA 92009

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