Rear View Mirror - May, 1992: Memorial day trip to Vegas; Review of March COCSD rally and Bates Nut Farm Hamburger Cookout; Brunch run to Marie Callendars put on by Diane De Chantal and Donna Bernard; 125 Entrants at Wind & Thunderfest, with funkana '92 Vettes provided by Chevrolet, show trophies to Steve Montagna and Merle Walker, and private Beach Boys concert; Otis Chandler Museum run; Planning for Cafe Del Rey Moro and San Diego Auto Museum brunch run; Planning for Big Bear Bash; Clarence Thomas spotted driving his black '90 ZR1; And '67 435HP range from $40,000 to $75,000;

Our Weseloh Autofair was a success again this year, although smaller than in years past. Thank you all for the trophy, I apologise that family matters prevented me from going to the Sunday Brunch run.

1000 Miles

I recently went on a road trip in the ZR1. I needed to get to Santa Cruz to be in my nephews wedding party, and I needed to be their early to get my tux rented, so I drove while Laurie, Lois and the baby flew. I got a slow start, so I had lunch in LA with an old friend, which put me into the afternoon rush hour. By the time I got to Morrow Bay it was getting dark and I had a tremendous headache. I rented an anonymous motel room, had dinner and went to sleep.

Friday I got up early, well rested and ready for a blast up the coast. I went for a walk down by the water and found a place for an excellent breakfast, with a picture window view of Morrow Rock rising from the fog. I finally got everything together and was on my way, pulling onto the coast highway just as the fog was pulling back out to sea. "This is going to be great" I thought.

Two miles up the highway I saw the sign - "Route 1 closed 12 miles north of San Simeon." "This trip is not going as well as I had planned" I thought as I pulled a U-turn. I resigned myself to a moderately scenic trip up 101.

I decided to cut back over to the coast at Salinas. Naturally, the road turned into a gorgeous two lane winding country highway, with me stuck behind a belching furniture truck. After many miles of this, I finally had the chance to pass. Freedom! A real drivers road, with no traffic thanks to that darn truck. As I came up a hill, still decelerating from passing the truck, a CHP black and white crested the hill in the other direction, immediately slamming on the brakes and lighting up the Christmas tree. He apparently was trolling for someone just like me. "Hmmmm" I thought, realizing that as he turns around, he will get caught behind the aforementioned truck and all the traffic piled up behind it. I acted like I had seen nothing, and drove along at the speed limit, trying to ignore that sinking in the pit of my stomach combined with the slight adrenaline rush that always accompanies seeing police lights come on. I drove a long ways before he finally caught up to me - I noticed a sign that said 1 was closed at Lucia. He followed me for a while, then pulled me over, right in front of Laguna Seca Raceway, where every hot bike in several counties was turning in to see the GP motorcycle races. I couldn't help but think he did that to show off. He was far too enthusiastic about his work. 78 in a 55, $167 to pay bail or take traffic school.

I finally made it to Santa Cruz. It rained.

The wedding ceremony itself was at a resort near Aptos, outdoors with a breathtaking view of the ocean. Sunday dawned foggy, making for some surreal wedding photos. By the time the photos were finishing up, it finally started to clear up. When the ceremony started it was clear and quite windy. The bride, Peggy Kalmar, was radiant. The groom, my nephew Michael Gross, was handsome in his tux with tails. Several helicopters flew over, perhaps thinking it was the Brooke Shields/Andre Agassiz wedding. Music was provided by a band that Mike usually plays in, that plays 16th century music on replicas of 16th century instruments, and whos members are all in the Astronomy Graduate school at UC Santa Cruz. It was very difficult to light the candles in the wind, so they put that off till later at the reception, predictably setting off the smoke alarm. The DJ played James Brown and Weird Al Yankovich, and we danced and a good time was had by all. The couple is off soon to Maryland, where Mike will be a theoretical astrophysicist for NASA Goddard. I'm proud.

Monday dawned hazy, and after a big breakfast with the family at a local pancake house, I set off toward the south. I had a pretty sour attitude about what the drive would be like. I resolved to set the cruise control and just cruise. Sunday had been a widely publicised (locally) zero tolerance for speeding day. At various farms in that part of the state they have lifesize or larger plywood cutouts showing ordinary people buying produce. I saw one that showed a guy attempting to put a giant artichoke into the trunk of a Nash Metropolitan, and it obviously wasn't going to fit. As the traffic thinned out past Monterey, my attitude improved noticeably. I put one of my favorite CD's on, settled back and drove into the Big Sur, stopping every so often to take a picture of the clearing spectular coastal views. I reflected on the previous times I had done this route - in my '81, in my '63, about every five or ten years. I decided, everyone who can appreciate such things should do it, prefereably when there is little or no traffic, as I was finding to my delight. I stopped for gas at the BP dealer in Big Sur, and asked the ol' guy if 1 was open. He hadn't known it was closed. His assistant said they had been doing work on it the previous week. The neighboring business owner came out and started ribbing the ol' guy about needing two people for all the business they had. Good vibes, man.

1 was awesome. Almost no traffic, clear blue skies over windy whitecapped ocean. No rush to actually get anywhere, just driving for the pure pleasure of it. An occasional glimpse of waterfalls up mysterious canyons. I stopped at the inn at Lucia for lunch. A bit pricey, but well worth it. You can sit out on the patio on a bluff overlooking the ocean, watching the whales go by. The ribeye steak sandwich was just right. A teenager and his girlfriend were there from Arizona, they had a flawless '69 (I think) Firebird convertible with the tach in the hood. I can dig it.

The rest of the drive was predictably perfect, just accented by about four sections of Caltrans construction. I almost got sideswiped by a very large truck going the other way on a very sharp hairpin. But nothing bad happened at all. I drove into an odd weather pattern where the temperature went up as the sun went down, so as I drove through Santa Maria I turned on the A/C. Dinner at Dinahs in Westchester (where I grew up - all the delicious fried chicken you can eat on Monday nights) and on home by 10 PM.

1040 miles, 21.4 MPG.

Membership News

By Shawn Silva

Membership Chairman

President's Message

Awards at Weseloh Show


1. Ron Kurz - '64

2. Mike Brough - '66

3. Andrew Lamache - '67

4. Danny Czapski - '65


1. Jerry Diruscio - '71

2. Craig Heidman - '69

3. Fred Gulck - '68


1. Ron Nichols - '76


1. Steve Lucero - '82

2. Larry Schneider - '82.


1. Craig and Ann Howlett - '88

2. Ted Henke - '89

3. Rob Roffey - '88

4. Jo Heidman - '89


1. Betty McManus - '95

2. Bob Wiltse - '93

3. Jessica Muzio - '93


1. Ted Galkewicz - '92

2. Top Flight Corvette - '87

3. Terry Shrock - '88


Harmon Anderson - '64

Palm Springs Concours D'Elegance

By Anne Lamache

The Palm Springs Car Classic, held April 17-20, 1997 was the 4th Annual Cruise-In Downtown Palm Springs and the 27th Annual Palm Springs Concours d'Elegance. Chevrolet Motors Division was a Cruise-In Palm Canyon sponsor. They were proud to roll-out some motor city muscle on the streets of Palm Springs - the 5th generation Corvette and the 30th anniversary Camaro shared center stage on Palm Canyon Drive. It was an opportunity to talk with representatives at Chevrolet, who turn your dreams into reality. This was a great weekend to celebrate the long awaited introduction of the new 1997 Corvette. Corvette was the honored Marque at the 1997 Palm Springs Car Classic. All Corvettes, regardless of year, were eligible to participate. Trophies were awarded for the various years, plus Corvette Club participation and the Mayor of Palm Springs favorite. The event registration included a complimentary breakfast for two before the Poker Run on Friday, a buffet dinner for two at the Poker Run party and the awards celebration that evening at Fantasy Springs. Saturday, Prom Night was held at the Palm Springs Marquis Hotel, host hotel for the event. Lil' Elmo and the Cosmos high energy Rock-n-Roll band and the appearance of Elvis and Buddy Holly provided the entertainment. On Sundy the Concours d'Elegance was held at the O'Donnel Golf Course. Over 360 cars were on display and there was an estimated attendance of 30,000. Exhibitors, vendors, live entertainment and dancing in the streets were enjoyed by all. Sponsors for the event were Palm Springs Life, Desert European Motorcars Ltd. and Fantasy Springs Casino. This event was a benefit for Cerebral Palsy.

North Coast Vettes Club members attending the event were Andrew & Anne Lamache, Terry & Kevin Shrock, Mel & Jessica Muzio, John & Sally Pawoll, Wes & Kathy DeHoll, Shawn Silva, Ed & Helene Sheehan, Richard & Trish Eaton, and Rick & Marilyn Otto.

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