Meeting Location

Denny's Carlsbad

1048 Carlsbad Village Drive

Carlsbad, CA 92008

West of I-5

North Coast Vettes was formed in 1978 by people who shared a common interest - their cars - and who wanted to have fun and participate in community functions. Since that time, the club has grown to involve activities with clubs and organizations of various types, all directed toward using our cars for enjoyment by us - individually and as a group.

We like to think that the members are "family." While we enjoy many varied events such as caravans to interesting destinations; participation in parades, car shows, inter-club poker runs, and different events; brunches; parties, making new friends; car racing; etc., we always keep in mind that we join the club to enjoy it!


Wasn't that West Coast Expo something? Yes, it is possible to have too much Corvette fun!

After a full day's work, I got there in time for part of Doug Rippie's tech session, which I found fascinating.

The Supertech session included all the Corvette Cheif Engineers - Dave Hill, Dave McClellan, and demigod Zora Arkus-Duntov himself, along with Corvette Action Center Jerry Watts answering all questions from us mere mortals. One of the best was about four-wheel drive on a Corvette. The Daves went on about how it adds weight, complexity and cost, not really cost-effective for a basic high-performance sports car like a Corvette. Zora, who of course built a mid-aluminum-big-block-engined four-wheel drive prototype over three decades ago, said "Bullshit! It only adds 125 pounds to a mid-engine configuration" or heavily accented words to that effect. Every time Zora spoke he received an ovation from the highly appreciative crowd. Another interesting contrast was the response to a question about customer input to the features on Corvettes. The "young-uns" told about opinion clinics and so forth (Dave Hill was particularly emphatic that the artist renderings of the C5 Corvette have not captured it, and the opinions of those who have seen it are extremely positive), while Zora says "Forget clinic! We are the engineers, we'll design a great car for you!" or heavily accented words to that effect.

Anne Lamache got an ovation for publicly proclaiming her thirty years of love for Zora, and thanking him and Andrew for letting her have that gorgeous '67 big-block.

Friday night was PARTY TIME at Club 66 in the downtown Gaslamp district. The one snafu that I know about in the entire expo was: After we had returned the City Chevrolet shuttle vans because we thought they wouldn't be needed, one of the buses didn't show up to pick up the revelers and bring them back to the hotel.

Saturday morning was the Car Show on the Bay. Every Vette from a '53 to the Vette of the Future, inclusive, was there. I had to judge 9 ZR1's in three hours, and it wasn't no newbie wash-n-shine class, neither. When you really get down to it, though, some are prepared just a liiiiiitle bit better than others. One amazing car even got past me with full points on paint, wheels and interior! Found a spec of dirt in the engine compartment under the headlight, though...

Other cars of note included Dick Guldstrand's GS-90, the first Callaway Speedster, some racin' Vettes, a '95 Pace Car, Mike Vietro's trio of L-88's - '67, '68, and '69, Bruce Jacobson's pair of white supercharged late models, and so on and so on.

Then, for me at least, a schlep back to Vista to pick up the loved one, then back down to the hotel for the banquet. Our very own Anne & Andrew Lamache and Merle & Lorie Walker won awards for their white Vettes (Merle's was Zora's wife's choice), and Don Wolfe was specially thanked for his leading role in putting on the show. Great job, Don! And kudos to everyone who helped out to make this the Corvette event of the year!

Sunday, I was just too burned out, so I missed the autocross. Maybe next year...

Rear View Mirror - June, 1990: Cruise to T-Bird Diner; welcome to new members Rick & Marilyn Otto, John Pawoll, and Steve Montagna; R & J Spring Fling; Fallbrook Vintage Car Show after brunch at the Grove; in March, ZR1 broke three world records (5000 km, 5000 mi, and 175.885 mph average for 24 hours) and 12 international class standards (3 by L98).

Membership News

By Helene Sheehan,

Membership Chairman

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to our five new members.

Joining our organization in the month of May were Sally Pawoll, Terry Shrock, Owen & Carol Rabourn and Bob Levers. So glad to have you on board.

Guests of the May 3rd meeting included Wes DeHoll for his second visit and Warren & Phyllis Cummings who have an '87 red coupe and a '91 white coupe.

Additional guests on May 3rd were Cadillac owner Jimmy Mayer and Steve & Julie Schaeffer who own a '91 turquoise coupe.

Mel & Jessica Muzio and their son Chris, joined us as guests at our Wednesday, May 17 meeting. They just bought a '93 40th anniversary edition ruby red metallic coupe and are very excited about it. Glad they could join us & hope we'll see them again real soon.

Congratulations to Rick & Marilyn Otto on their purchase of a black ZR1.

Membership Dues

Membership fees are due and payable on June 1st. Rates are $60.00 per individual and $70.00 per couple.

Superbash XII

By Eddie Sheehan

Memorial Day Weekend, 1995 was the setting for Superbash XII hosted by the Tucson Corvette Club. Friday night, the hospitality room started 24 hours a day with a bottomless keg. Saturday there was an indoor concours car show, as well as a rally. Saturday evening they had a casino night. Attending from North Coast Vettes were Frank & Gloria Tecca, Eddie & Helene Sheehan, and Anne Adams Howlett.

Sunday started off with an autocross, however, those of us in town without our cars opted to take a side trip to Bisbee and Tombstone for the day. We participated in a Chili cook-off, Wyatt Earp Days in Tombstone, and spent a lot of time in an old saloon. Sunday night was the banquet and dance, a very good dinner, a fantastic deejay, we had a heck of a time and stayed up till 3 AM. Monday morning was the awards breakfast, and we were off at 12 to fly back to San Diego.

Another fantastic time put on by the Tucson Corvette Club, a group of people who are very hospitable, and friendly, and we hope to see them again next year. Also popping in for a visit was The Admiral from the Millard Fillmore in Phoenix, passing out flyers for Millard XIX on Labor Day weekend. We look forward to hitting that one too!

Otis Chandler Museum

Saturday, June 3rd, I got up at 4:30 AM to join the caravan to the Otis Chandler Museum of Vintage Transportation and Wildlife. I managed to drag a bit, so I didn't meet the group that was to leave Marie Callendars at 6:00 sharp, but happened to merge into them as I got onto the 5! Later, I left them to join Frank & Gloria Tecca, Eddie & Helene Sheehan, Bob & Janet Levers and about 30 other Vettes in Man wouldn't you know I ran out of floppy space while converting to html at kinkos.