Rear View Mirror - June, 1991: Looking forward to Big Bear Bash, Kaplan's Beach Party, Tri-Club Picnic, a Day at the Races, Vette Set show; New members Barry & Barbara Sklar; Joel took Formula (School); Brunch at Corvette Diner followed by Collectible Classics show; Solana Beach parade; 90% of Corvettes made estimated to still exist, around 877,500; Kevlar-bodied Tempest big-block L98 will supposedly outrun Callaway; and the 1969 ZL-1 was a step above the L-88.

Boy, that look back looks almost like a look forward! Except, what ever happened to the Tempest?

Now that our big shows have come and gone, we can go to all the other shows. Vette Set, Big Bear Bash, COCSD in La Mesa, Summer Whine (what, is that a Valley run? Fer shure! NOT!), Summer Sizzler (a salad bar of things to do?), and more! Whew!

Weseloh Show Results


3. Ed Fredendall

2. Joe Steinmetz

1. Ted Galkiewicz


3. Dan Hoskin

3. Michael Daniele

2. Jessica Muzio

1. Helene Sheehan


3. Terry Shrock

2. Craig Howlett

1. Ted Henicke


3. Corvestments by Lawton

2. Wes DeHoll

1. Jerry Bach


3. Joe Sides

2. Frank Parks

1. Ron Grekel


2. Ron Nichols

1. Steve Lucero


3. Craig Heidman

2. Fred Gulck

1. Annie Snoody


3. Danny Czapski

3. John Pawoll

2. Anne Lamache

1. Bill Pusziai


2. John Duncan

1. Davis Whiting

Best Of Show

Ed Daher

Red & White '60

Weseloh Car Show

Saturday-Sunday, April 27 & 28, 1996

By Anne Lamache

The North Coast Vettes Weseloh Car Show was a grand success. For those who did not attend, you missed a special show. The weather was beautiful, the Corvettes were at their best, morale was high, the catered buffet, hospitality night, was enjoyed by all. The road tour and brunch run through the scenic back country to the Pala Mesa Resort was an opportunity to see nature in all its colorful splendor. We dined in a lovely, large room, the choice, food selection was well presented. John Pawoll served as master of ceremonies, he conducted the raffle, after more tickets were sold. However, he announced he had a special dinner award for Anne Lamache and produced a frozen chicken dinner. Anne remembered to bring her banana, that Kevin Shrock had given her and now she had two mementos for posterity. Of course, it didn't stop there! Before the run, Anne implored John to lead the caravan slowly, as members were not too alert after the night before. "Well," John said "Anne was on my ass all the way." Anne said, "John, you are not a very good driver." I don't know what he and Sally were doing, but his car was all over the lane and he did not use his signal lights as he should have. Anne felt compelled to give the necessary signals to her fellow followers, so they would not get lost. The raffle continued, the prizes were donated by so many companies and members, that we did not have to buy any. The profit made, defrayed expenses and enhanced our bank balance. Everyone was delighted with the prizes they won, as there were comic comments made for each award. Helene Sheehan won a jumper cable. You can imagine what was said about that prize! I'm not so sure her husband Ed needs to be jump started. My experience, with Ed, convinces me he needs a sedative, instead. Touche', Ed. Anne presented a gift to Kevin Shrock, a vial of gold from Alaska. Kevin helped Andrew and Anne with hopitality and served as a soda jerk and service boy. Bob Levers was the bartender. Kathey DeHoll helped Jessica with the raffle. Trish Eaton and Helene Sheehan won most of the raffle prizes, but others faired well, too. Anne tried to enjoy her dinner but John Pawoll let her know that he was not happy about her winning second place and he third place, at the car show. Anne said, "You're a poor loser John." John said he had something in store for me at the Sunday buffet. As you know, it was a frozen dinner. I laughed. I'm not a crybaby like John. Our club members are so receptive, spontaneous and always ready to assist in any way they can. This was a wonderfully successful event. We thank all of you for your contributions and assistance.

1996 Fun Run - Buellton and Wine Country

By Frank Tecca

The deep throated roar of our Corvette drowned out the early morning sounds of crowing roosters and chipring birds as we set out to join the Vette Set on our way to the 26th Annual Fun Run in Buellton. At 9:30 AM we found 30 Corvettes staged to set out in two caravans, on at high speed for the new cars, and one at low speed for the straight axles. Lunch was served to all at Burger King in Oxnard followed by a tour along the coast on a beautiful day in Santa Barbara.

Friday evening brought the highly anticipated tournament of hospitality rooms. The Vette Set has always won in the past and were intent on winning again this year. Their theme was set to the music of Mardi Gras to which all members dressed in their most raucous finery and proceeded to parade around the pool with unabashed tomfoolery. Garlands of beads were bestowed with the utmost of frivolity while the nectar of grapes flowed freely. Another room spouted music by the Blues Brothers and yet another offered leis from Hawaii. Two rooms embraced western themes where Bar-B-Q sandwiches and beer were served to anyone.

Then who should join our party, but Elvis himself, dressed out in his finest satin and rhinestones. Everyone crowded around the gazebo to sing along with the King as the girls screamed in delight. Dancing broke out at poolside and Elvis bestowed roses on his favorite fans. Gloria was given the first rose and a hug as a flash lit up the sky to record the moment. When the music ended, Elvis returned to his place in history, to emerge again when the sun is low, the crowd is high, and the music is unresistable.

The Vette Set came prepared for the toughest competition with a secret weapon. As the evening got into swing, out came a video of the real Mardi Gras on a 90 minute film that ran all night long. The film showed a variety of beads bartered to those curvaceous young revelers who dared to expose their breasts. Indeed, something for everyone. Needless to say, the Vette Set room was the best attended hospitality room anyone could remember in all of Buellton's history.

On Saturday the sun came up early, although no one could attest to it, and we moved our cars to the park strip to join hundreds of other gleaming Corvettes. As the morning waned, Don and Linda Glaza led a contingent from the Vette Set to the wine country. Fess Parker's winery was the best, with Fess Parker himself trading tales and signing wine bottle labels. He even donated a bottle of fine wine for the car show raffle on June 9. After sipping a few more vintages we returned in time for the wine country tour.

The tour pretty much followed the path we had blazed earlier in the day. However, miles of multi-colored Corvettes snaking through the Oaks added a new dimension of excitement. Following an ample serving of tight curves on a mountain road we returned to Buellton for Saturday evening's events.

Gloria and I, and a few hungry souls from the Vette Set, avoided the planned banquet in favor of treating our palates to spare ribs, lobster and steak at a wonder local establishment decked out in heavy western decor. Saddles, lariats, elk horns, an inhabited coffin on the stairway, stuffed bears and birds hovered over our repast. It was a great evening. Those who went to the banquet, however, ended up very hungry and unhappy. Some 180 banquet tickets were sold and only 90 dinners were prepared. I understand dinner money was refunded to the neglected diners.

The sun also came up early Sunday morning to greet Gloria and I heading for Escondido. Four hours later, after detouring around a freeway accident in Ventura, and stopping serveral times to find relief, we pulled into our castle. Sunday morning is definitely the time to test the high speeds your Corvette can attain on California's freeways. 250 miles in 4 hours with three stops. Maybe we can make that run an annual challenge. Guess who was behind the wheel putting the peddle to the plastic.

Spring Surprise! Run

June 2, 1996

By Frank Tecca

The Spring Surprise Brunch Run was a complete success. After speeding (? - Editor) north on Interstate 15 we peeled off onto Highway 79 South and headed toward Lake Henshaw. Veering to the left at Aguanga we cruised through Cahuilla and on to Anza. There we stopped for a stretch and resumed our drive to the junction with Highway 74. On turning left away from the desert, everyone knew for the first time where we were headed. Up to Mountain Center and then 5 miles of slow curves to Idylwild.

The air was clean and clear, the sun was hot, and the Ponderosas were fragrant. Ten beautiful Corvettes captured all eyes as we caravaned throught the center of two to Mama Giovanna's for brunch. Plenty of parking was available in front and at the Lirbrary located across the street.

The restaurant was ready for us with 5 tables set with linen and glassware out among the cool pine trees. The moment was enhanced by a bubbling brook flowing next to the tables which immediately dissolved all our cares and tribulations. As we perused the menu of delectable items, champagne was served to all. The lunch was outstanding. Several Corvette connoisseurs delighted in the specialty items ordering spicy ciopino and/or fresh mussles. We feasted on vegetable lasagna, frittata and chicken salads. Champagne made the meal a bit pricey, but Corvettes and Champagne flow so nicely together.

Such a scene of serenity was hard to abandon. As the day wore away, we were forced to point our Corvettes down the hill and return to reality. Few people stayed to shop a the many gift outlets. Sunday was also Forest Day and a big celebration was held in the City Park. Log rolling, axe throwing and other events were reported to us, but no one attended.

Membership News

By Helene Sheehan

Membership Chairman

At our May 1st meeting we were pleased to welcome guests Sally & Doug Burgess from Carlsbad. They have a '79 light blue Vette and said they were previously members of North Coast Vettes about ten years ago. Hope we see them again in the not too distant future.

At our May 15th meeting we had two guests. Dave Turner and his friend, Sarah joined us. Dave showed up at our Weseloh show as things were winding down this year so he thought he would check out our meeting. Dave has a '69 red roadster. Hopefully, he will join us at another meeting or special event and consider becoming a member of our fine club.

I would like to introduce our newest member John Green. John mailed me his check for membership dues. Don Wolfe tells me John was a member about four years ago and is again interested in joining us as a member. Don said John has a '65 or '66 roadster. Hoping John will be able to join us at one of our meetings or some special event.

Membership Dues

Membership fees were due and payable on June 1st. Rates are $60.00 per individual and $70.00 per couple.

Please give your checks or cash to me at our meeting or mail them to:

North Coast Vettes

P. O. Box 188237

Carlsbad, CA 92009

Thank you.


For Sale

1978 Silver Anniversary with Red Interior, L-82, Air, Factory CB, 9,960 original miles. Automatic transmission, original window sticker and all documentation. $17,000.00

Mike Jones, Oceanside, CA 941-4463

Meeting Location

Denny's Carlsbad

1048 Carlsbad Village Drive

Carlsbad, CA 92008

West of I-5

North Coast Vettes

P. O. Box 188237

Carlsbad, CA 92009

Sponsored By

Weseloh Chevrolet

Car Country Carlsbad

5335 Paseo del Norte

Carlsbad, CA 92008

(619) 438-1001

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