Rear View Mirror - July, 1991: The club roster had twenty four lines of members/couples, of which 8 are still members (but many are still friends); 14 members went to the Big Bear Bash, which had 600 at the dinner, Barbara & Barry Sklar won 4th place in the slalom, Steve Montagna and Merle Walker won car show trophies, we had our new jackets; Brunch at Fisherman's in San Clemente, thence to Deer Park; July 4 Oceanside Parade; Marie Callendar's rally/brunch; Corvette cookbook started; Wette Vette car and boat combination unveiled; 66 Vettes take Route 66 from Santa Monica to Chicago; and planning for the 2nd Annual Day at the Races.

Welcome! To all our new members. I'm Joel, your faithful newsletter editor, Corvette nut, ZR-1 owner, and new father. I haven't been around too much lately because of the last, but now that Allan is sleeping most nights I hope to join in a little more and get to know all of you. "What," you may be asking yourself, "can I do to help our newsletter?" I'm glad you asked! This isn't the "Joel Newsletter," it's the "North Coast Vettes Newsletter." That means we actively solicit your input, whether it's stories of your dear old lost Corvettes, articles about Corvette events you've attended, tips for keeping Corvettes in shape, newspaper and magazine clippings about Corvettes (although, you can skip the Corvette magazines, unless there is something unique, like they are from Uzbekhistan), cartoons, original poetry, whatever. I reserve the right to absolute editorial dictatorship, but, hey, I'm easy. Just keep it about Corvettes, or at least cars. If in doubt, submit it, it's not like you'll get a rejection letter, go into a downward spiral and wind up drinking Mobil1 in the gutter.

There are a number of ways to submit things for inclusion in the newsletter. Obviously, I do this on a computer, so the least work for me is a submission in ASCII format, so I can take it and format it like everything else. I can receive files in several formats, via modem, IBM PC disk or e-mail, but not as an email attachment. I can receive faxes sometimes on my computer, and at work, please put a header sheet on it and call before faxing. You can dictate it onto my answering machine, which actually works fairly well, because it becomes a well-told story. Hand it to me at a meeting, mail it to me, just do it!

A word about the World Wide Web. Well, more than one. WWW is fun and all, but generally inappropriate for the newsletter, for several reasons: tends to be formatted all wrong, repetitive, and of dubious validity. Please don't get all excited about something, print it out, and give it to me with the expectation I will copy it for everyone else's amusement. It is far better simply to give me the URL (that's the electronic address of it), and then I can judge whether it is appropriate, and if so, manipulate it electronically to work with the newsletter. The point of the WWW is to communicate electronically!

There is more to the Internet than the Web, and much that can interest gearheads. The Grand Old Tradition of the Internet is Usenet, which is basically like a message board system, where the messages get copied from computer to computer, eventually getting to a computer where you can look at them, and add your own message. Early users discovered a number of sociological phenomena associated with this form of communication (as well as the similar BBS echoing), some of which was obviously counter-productive. As a result, the idea of Netiquette was born, a set of social rules to avoid problems. One big problem is that, unlike talking, there are no voice overtones or facial expressions to modify the meaning of the words. So a simple sentence that would be wry humor or sarcasm when spoken gets taken as a huge insult when viewed on a screen. So the person who takes offense "flames" the original author, and possibly other people flame him too, and then the original person feels he needs to get back at all of them, and you have... ta-da... a "flame war." This can be much worse than cutting off a lowered Beemer with Daytons, except you're not quite so likely to be physically blown away. To avoid the appearance of flaming, you may add "emoticons," which are little pictures like a smiley face when you are joking :) or even put the emotion into words, like [sarcasm]. Some interesting groups are ca.driving and* (* means any number of possibilities). There are also email based groups, where you submit to the group by email, and everything gets sent to everybody on the email distribution list. There are several Corvette based lists. Unfortunately, with the growth of commercial services that can access the newsgroups and mailing lists, some unscrupulous people abuse the system and send junk mail and spam (which is broadcasting large amount of inappropriate postings). If you can imagine trying to carrying on a conversation while someone blasts an infomercial for 1-900-FOOTSIE into your face with a boombox... it's sad.

The New Big Thing on the Internet is the World Wide Web. It started off as a way for scientists to reference other publications from within their own publications, by the means of "links." For example, an engineer

working on a new transmission could refer to a particular kind of aluminum alloy, and link it to a publication of alloys on a computer in, say, Germany. The person reading the document could click on the highlighted alloy, and immediately see the document from Germany. Then when he is done, go back to the same place he was reading about transmissions. The software to do this has evolved some, but still has the same basics, and growing problems now that it is exposed to the general public. You see, academics publish or perish - they have to refer to other academics in their papers, and be subject to peer review. Bored fourteen year olds have no such review (or it isn't the same...). In addition, the new software actually allows programs to be downloaded from the net, and run on your computer, without your knowledge. So we now have a situation where the same kids who get a kick out of disabling computers with poorly written viruses now have a way to get their stuff onto your computer, merely by having you access their web page. I would strongly recommend disabling "java" or any other downloadable executables if your software supports it. There are at least 3 known security holes in Netscape, as of this writing (only found because Netscape offered $10,000 to anyone who could find any holes). For anyone interested in the technical details, check the CERT archives, or the newsgroup comp.risks.

Beside the risks of bad people, there is no validation of information on the net. Any jerk can say he is an expert in anything, and many do. There are several search services available, that look at all web pages and create indices. So you can say "give me every page that is about Corvettes", and it will tell you. For me, the web is simply way too slow, I work at ethernet speeds (5,000 times faster than your modem) 8 hours a day, so I'm spoiled.

Now that video is going over the web, everything is getting much slower. Video is a road-hog.

Membership News

By Helene Sheehan

Membership Chairman

6/5/96 Meeting

At our June 5th meeting we were pleased to welcome guests Betty & Daryle Mcmanus from Carlsbad. They have a '95 red Vette and heard about our club from Bob Stahl Chevrolet, Weseloh Chevrolet, as well as my having left my North Coast Vettes business card on their car in front of Hennessey's Restaurant a while back. It pays off to advertise since they joined our club as well. A warm welcome and we look forward to seeing you both often. We talked about the Vette Sets' car show the upcoming weekend and the McManus' did join us at the Vette Sets' Annual Car Show in Manhattan Beach. It was really nice to see such new members participate in an event.

Mario Peyrot also joined our meeting as a first time guest and joined our club as well. Mario is from Carlsbad and is the proud owner of an '86 white & silver Vette. He met Richard Eaton and Eddie Sheehan at our Weseloh car show. They encouraged him to join us at our meeting. We wish you a very warm welcome as well, Mario, and hope to see you soon.

6/19 Meeting:

We had four guests at this meeting. Enrique & Harriet Laso of Carlsbad joined us as guests and left the meeting as members. We are very pleased to welcome them and hope to see them at many more meetings and events. They are the very proud owners of a red ZR-1 coupe (it has a car cover & garage also).

Also visiting were Gil & Joan Carlyle of Encinitas. They own a beautiful '64 red coupe. Eddie Sheehan met Gil in a parking lot in Encinitas and struck up a conversation and invited him to our meeting. We hope we will see them again very soon.

Membership Dues

Membership fees were due and payable on June 1st. Rates are $60.00 per individual and $70.00 per couple.

Please give your checks or cash to me at our meeting or mail them to:

North Coast Vettes

P. O. Box 188237

Carlsbad, CA 92009

Thank you.


Meeting Location

Denny's Carlsbad

1048 Carlsbad Village Drive

Carlsbad, CA 92008

West of I-5

North Coast Vettes

P. O. Box 188237

Carlsbad, CA 92009

Sponsored By

Weseloh Chevrolet

Car Country Carlsbad

5335 Paseo del Norte

Carlsbad, CA 92008

(619) 438-1001

Advertising rates are $5 per issue for business card size.