Rear View Mirror - July, 1992: Planning to defend our trophy at the Tri-Club picnic; Five happy hours in July; LeRoy Boys, COCSD Cars & Stars II, Street Vibrations Costa Mesa car shows; July 4 Oceanside parade cancelled due to lack of funds; Planning for Monterrey Historic Races at Laguna Seca; Planning for Third Annual Day at the Races; Chevy plans to boost horsepower in '93 Vettes, and a 40th Anniversary edition; And planning for the Butterfield Country Corvette Club Vettes on the Meadow.

We've all been seeing more and more '97 Vettes actually out on the streets and driving around. Who will be the first in our club? I see a white one just about every day going the other way on Vista Way. I figure it must be an insurance agent in Bonsall or something.

Once again, on a warm, humid evening after the Vette has been sitting about 2 hours, the ZR1 backfired severely, blowing off a vacuum hose, causing the "Check Engine Soon" light to come on. Chevy mechanics say it's normal but... anybody have any different information? No, I don't push down on the gas pedal when I start.

Shawn has come up with a longer look ahead than our detailed spreadsheet-style calendar. We're looking for suggestions on what people might find useful. I was thinking, perhaps a column of things we generally do as our club, and a column of things we expect to do with other clubs? And of course, we want to solicit ideas of new things that people might want to do! Some things go through a life cycle (or several, in the case of our Happy Hours). I would personally like to see us put on an Autocross, both a serious one and a fun one. Remember, "we join the club to enjoy it!"

Special thanks to Shawn, Terry and Trish for their help in putting this issue together.

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Membership News

By Shawn Silva

Membership Chairman

Presidential Prattle

Subj: Meeting changes

Starting July 1, 1997 the monthly general business meeting of the North Coast Vettes will be held at 7:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the Month at Denny's, Carlsbad Village Drive, Carlsbad, Ca. In addition, the Club plans to have an monthly "event" hosted by a member or members. Please have any suggestions ready to discuss at our next meeting. The consensus of the members is that one business meeting along with a monthly "event" will help generate interest within the current ranks and attract new members. This "event" will serve as a 2nd meeting for purposes of By-Law compliance.

Subj: SB-42

Hot off the wire!! Received Friday, June 20, 1997 from Senator Quentin L. Kopp Re: Smog exemption for classic cars.

I am pleased to inform you and other supporters of Senate Bill 42 that my legislation to exempt 25 year and older vehicles from the smog check requirement was approved by the Assembly Transportation Committee on June 16, 1997. The vote in favor of the measure was 17-0.

SB 42 will subsequently be referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee for a hearing on the fiscal aspects of the bill; no date for such a hearing has been established. The legislation could be heard prior to the July18-August 18, 1997 legislative recess. The bill will proceed to the Assembly Floor and then to the Governor following the fiscal hearing.

The support of the many thousands of persons who favor SB 42, especially those individuals who appeared at the hearing in person, was of paramount importance in the successful outcome of the Assembly Transportation Committee hearing. The work to secure passage, however, remains unfinished. Additional calls and letters to members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee, your local Assemblymember and the Governor will be instrumental in keeping the bill moving and ultimately securing the necessary signature to place the measure into effect.

I appreciate your continued interest in SB 42 and your strong efforts to assist me in enacting the bill. Keep up the good work.

Terry Shrock


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