Rear View Mirror - August, 1992: Planning for a Day at the Races and Tri-club picnic; Dale Detzel and Jeff Johnson get transferred away by Marines; Cruise Nite to T-Bird Diner; Cruise Nite to 101 Cafe (where Joel & Laurie Garry show up in a ZR1!); Picnic near Julian; Brunch run to Bruno's; C5 debut delayed until 1997; Las Vegas Vettes had a club picture on Freemont Street; Earthquake Poem for Big Bear Bash.

Well, I finally got the "beta" version of the Unofficial, Unauthorized, Corvette Purity Test up on my web site. Its... (deep breath) Corrections, additions, complaints, general whoop-de-doos, don't-get-its and tips-of-the-hats to And if anyone is up for counting exactly how many questions there are... I finally got my SCSI interface up, now I can finally start working on snazzy graphics and scanning in some original Vette pictures.

The new drop-top sure looks good! Those marketeers at Chevy really are geniuses! It seems like every mainstream auto mag has a Vette on the cover this coming month. But... no hardtop?

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Corvettes and the Rogue

By Frank Tecca

Gloria and I decided to motor up to Oregon for a couple of weeks this summer to tour the fantastic Oregon coast and see the grandkids. Wouldn't you know it, we spent the 4th of July moving our eldest into a new house in Lake Oswego. The ache in my back is a lasting memento of the excitement of the move. Fortunately, the levity was mitigated by a chance to limit out on trout while casting a fly line over the Molalla River.

We planned our trip to end up in Grants Pass for the great Corvette Weekend on the Rogue River, held on July 11, 12 & 13. However, while traveling south on I-5 to Roseburg we chanced to encounter another great Oregon event. The Norwest's Best Graffiti Weekend, July 7-12, 1997. It's a week long event drawing cars from all over the Northwest. We stayed in Roseburg several days to participate in the gala exposition. A highlight was an evening at the City's Museum, where all the cars were on display, booths and food were plentiful and the Museum stayed open into the wee hours. Gloria found a 34 Dodge convertible she was ready to take home, but my vote went to a 34 Ford that was still being driven with the original engine and mechanical brakes. The next day they closed down the City to display all the cars on the City streets similar to Route 66 in San Bernardino. The weather was gorgeous (crystal clear air), the hills were all green and the cars shone like a new penny. We felt sad but anticipative as we left on Friday to travel the last few miles to Grants Pass.

We pulled into the Riverside Inn in Grants Pass just in time for registration. Picked up our package with all the goodies including a grand glass beer mug for each, etched with the Corvette Weekend '97 signature. Rhonda Bohal welcomed us with T-shirts and tickets for the white water raft trip on the Rogue River. Larry Ruben and Lowell ?, who we met at the Vette Set show in June were glad to see us and helped us to get oriented. Friday night brought a great hospitality room with free wine and beer, and all the goodies one could eat. They really put out the food. I understand that approximately 225 registered with 116 Corvettes. There were 17 clubs present from Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Alberta, Canada.

Saturday we joined the Corvettes for a grand tour of the Countryside and a poker draw at 5 selected stops. The tour was not competitive and just the right length making it enjoyable for all, including navigators. It ended up at Jim Siegal's Chevrolet dealership for a BBQ lunch and car display. Votes were placed for peoples choice. Of the approximately 80 cars on display, the vote went to a 1962 all red restored Corvette. Couldn't happen to a finer machine.

At 2:45 we boarded the Hellgate riverboat for a 37 mile ride down the famous Rogue. We stopped for a BBQ dinner at a small lodge (don't remember the name), and ate our fill to Western Music. The trip took about six hours and then we returned after 8:00 pm. The ride was indescribable as we sailed over the rapids., taking on no more than 3 inches of water. Can you imagine turning a 360 degree brodie in a boat doing 35mph?? We did it at least six times on the return trip. The swing and the wake provided a sideways rollercoaster ride.

There were three boats leaving minutes apart. This, of course, called for war among the boats. (Corvetters are known for waging war on fellow Corvetters at the least opportunity.) Several water guns were standard equipment on each boat and broadsides were unleashed whenever possible. The ultimate water gun was the jet spray from the boats jet engine. If you got the captain wet, he would attempt to unleash a torrent into the other boat. The captains, however, were very careful not to set up in a line which would allow that kind of firepower to be successful.

Not to be outdone by anyone, we returned to the rafted boats a lettle early after dinner. We confiscated some of the water guns from the other boats and hid them discretely. On the return trip we seized the advantage of firepower and surprise. Passengers on the enemy boats who had brought their own guns, however, put up a heros defense in managing to soak everyone on our boat as well.

We returned to the Riverside Inn just in time to clean up, change, reconstruct the hair-dos and hit Casino night, which stretched into the AM. The prizes were great, and the raffle was generous. Everyone had a great time!

Sunday morning, we attended the brunch with abundant food, and heard about the final winners. At 865 miles, we did not win the trophy for the farthest away attendees. It went to Corvetters from Alberta, Canada, reported to be 1143 miles away. Actually, we didn't win any prizes but made many new friends, sampled a lot of the Rogue River and had an all around great time.

We headed for home Sunday afternoon and arrived by Monday evening. We are looking forward to doing it again in 1999. Next year, the festivities will be held in Bend, Oregon, since they alternate Oregon's biggest event. That is a little farther, but not significant. Maybe 1000 miles from here.

I will stay in touch with Corvettes of Southern Oregon and the Willamette Valley Corvette Association to present their plans for next year to the members of the Vette Set and North Coast Vettes. For those of you looking for a great summer adventure in 1998 and 1999, we will make the arrangements. What great fun it would be to take a caravan to Oregon for a week of car events. It would require one nights lodging along the way, both up and back, maybe in Sacramento. Also, lodging at the events. However, I can assure you that the environment, the people and the fun rate among the best found anywhere.

Frank and Gloria Tecca

Presidential Prattle

It doesn't seem possible that August is upon us. Time flies when you drive a Corvette. Bad news on the Smog front. The Smog Exemption Bill carried by Sen Kopp failed to pass the Appropriations Committee but may be revised later this month. It seem that the bureaucrats in Sacramento are deathly afraid of losing revenue. Damn the citizenry, just keep the money coming in.. Write ,e-mail or call your Reps.

I would like to thank all who attended our Club dinner-cruise on July 25 at the Old California Mining Company in San Marcos. Great food and desserts. A BIG THANK-YOU to our host, Dan Calloway. A great time was had by all 19 diners. After dinner we caravaned to the Coast in Carlsbad and viewed a spectacular sunset, specially ordered by your Prez. The plan was to continue the caravan to Del Mar but all hopes were dashed when we allowed "ole leadfoot" Anne to lead the way. All kidding aside, the event went well and was easy to set up so lets have volunteers to fill up the rest of our calendar. What about the Four Seasons?

Go Snake Eyes! Everyone ready for the Races? August 30 at Del Mar. This is one of our Club's premiere events so get those reservations to Anne and Andrew ASAP.

Gossip!! John Pawoll's 67 is now in New Zealand and John is Corvetteless.

Keep those cards and letters coming.

Your Prez

Terry Shrock


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