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Denny's Carlsbad

1048 Carlsbad Village Drive

Carlsbad, CA 92008

West of I-5

North Coast Vettes was formed in 1978 by people who shared a common interest - their cars - and who wanted to have fun and participate in community functions. Since that time, the club has grown to involve activities with clubs and organizations of various types, all directed toward using our cars for enjoyment by us - individually and as a group.

We like to think that the members are "family." While we enjoy many varied events such as caravans to interesting destinations; participation in parades, car shows, inter-club poker runs, and different events; brunches; parties, making new friends; car racing; etc., we always keep in mind that we join the club to enjoy it!


Membership News

By Helene Sheehan,

Membership Chairman

Another new member; all right!! A big North Coast Vettes welcome to Michael Daniele,our very newst member; having joined Wednesday night, 8/2. Michael has a '95 Admiral Blue coupe and what a beauty! Unfortunately, he has to give it back, but that is another article. He's working on getting an even better one! Sometimes things happen for the best. Glad to have you as a member, Michael.

We also welcomed a guest Wednesday night (8/2) at our meeting. Dan Hoskin heard about our club from Bill Schmidt. Dan has two Vettes, an '84 white coupe and a '95 green coupe. Boy, it must be tough (but somebody has to do it!). Hope we see you at another meeting, Dan.

At our Wednesday, 8/16 meeting we had one guest. Carolyn Boyden of Oceanside joined us. Carolyn just bought a '92 black convertible and comes from a family of many Corvette owners and enthusiasts. Carolyn heard about our club from the North County Corvette Club plus Weseloh Chevrolet where she bought the car. That's real good news. Hope we'll see Carolyn again in the near future.

We have a lot of new members now and look forward to having many events in the coming year. Any and all members are encouraged to sponson activities or events at any time. Great minds working together can come up with all sorts of fun activities.

As an example, our day on the Kitty Hawk Carrier and surprise lunch, sponsored by Syd Blake, August 12th. A second example is the minor league ball game sponsored by the Tecca's, the ballpark being Lake Elsinore Diamond featuring the Lake Elsinore Storm (California Angels farm team) vs. Riverside Pilots (Seattle Mariners farm team) August 26th, 7:05 pm. What a beautiful stadium. Another great event we've had anually is "A Day at the Races," being set up by Anne & Andrew Lamache, to be held Saturday, September 2nd at Del Mar Racetrack. This is always a fun day with a great buffet lunch. I am writing this August 4th, so all these events would have come and gone; but I'm sure all those participating will have a blast.

Keep in mind the Tri-Club Picnic being arranged by Sharon & Ken Hartley from COCSD. They visited our club meeting Wednesday, August 2nd to discuss this event and a tentative date is Saturday, September 9th (pending discussion with North County Corvette Club). More to come...

Some of us go to other clubs' weekend car shows and bashes. We have the Phoenix Club having their big bash on Labor Day weekend and six members are going to that one. Hope others will follow suit and join us. Just to give our newest members an idea of some of the really neat things we do...

We extend our deepest sympathy to Don & Kay Wolfe and their family on the loss of Don's mother. Our prayers are with you.

Doo Wopp Show

By Eddie Sheehan

The Doo Wopp Society of Southern California is holding its' twentieth show at the Petroleum Club in Long Beach Saturday night, September 23rd. It will feature the 5 Discs ("Never Let You Go"), Vito & The Salutations ("Unchained Melody"), The Excellence ("Coney Island Baby"), The Dreamers ("Because of You"), The Bob Knight Four ("Good Good Bye"), Rosie Hamlin of Rosie & the Originals ("Angel Baby") and an a cappela group called Suave.

For discount tickets, special hotel rates at the Sheraton of Long Beach or more information please contact Eddie Sheehan - 436-6583.

Caravan to Julian

by Anne Lamache

October 28-29 is our caravan to Julian with The Vette Set of Manhattan Beach! We will stay at the Julian Lodge and this year we have been invited to a Barbeque at the American Legion, and to view a melodrama at the town hall - more about this at the next meeting.

Kitty Hawk

By Terry Shrock

On August 12, 1995, about 5 to 9, eleven cars from our club and 1 car from a visiting club met at Marie Callendars, and waited, and finally Shawn showed up at the last minute, and we had to take him with us. We caravaned to La Jolla Village Drive where we got off and picked up 2 more cars, so ended up with 14 vehicles caravanning down to Coronado Island. We got across the bridge without any problems, got to the first gate, where we were told that we needed to go to another gate, so we took a little extra time to do that, but we finally did get through. We were met by a gentleman and ushered into some very nice reserved parking spots. Then we were met by two crew members of the aircraft carrier. We went up a large ramp into the staging area, which, when not in fleet operations is also used as a basketball court and running track. The tour continued down into the control room wehre we were able to see a lot of the screens and they also used the black lights to show what it is like when they are underway at sea. We then proceeded up to the flight deck where we were able to enjoy the sights of both Coronado and the downtown San Diego skyline. There was one F14 Tomcat that was on view, we were able to take pictures and get a close look at that. Then we went on down to the staging area again and proceeded to the lower area which included a stop at the gift shop, which was right in the middle of the cafeteria. The gift shop was open and we able to purchase items. From there we went on to the flight deck again, and then departed.

All but myself went on to the luncheon date in Old Town - about 25 people.

19th Annual Millard Fillmore Corvette Classic

By Eddie Sheehan

Millar 19/Pirates of the Desert was held September 1st through 4th in Tempe, Arizona. It is an annual event hosted by the Desert Corvette Association (DCA). What a blast!

Thursday evening began with a reunion of old friends from Tucson and Phoenix, Neil from North Bay, Mark & Cindy from Corvette Super Sports, etc., etc., That evening was the beginning of the twenty-four-hour-a-day hospitality room for the entire weekend, which included a bottomless keg of Coors beer, sodas, snacks, sandwiches, etc., not to mention the use of the room as a central gathering place, which also included a Karaoke party.

Twenty three Corvette clubs were represented among the three hundred twenty six attendees, seven of whom were from North Coast Vettes: Syd Blake, Richard & Trish Eaton, Eddie & Helene Sheehan and Frank & Gloria Tecca.

Tubing down the Salt River on Friday, the gang was ambushed by a couple of DCA pirates in a Zodiac. They got us for a pair of womens' shorts and one can of beer; alas, the wenches of North Coast & Eddie beat them out of a paddle & two of their super soaker water guns. Initiated into the Salt River Navy were first timers Frank & Gloria and Syd. They now join the rank of Lieutenant with the Sheehans and Eatons.

Friday night was the club hospitality challenge. Thunder Vette Set, North Bay Corvettes and the Tucson Corvette Club participated. Wild themes, free drinks and contests. Hotel security had to step in and tell us to stop having such a good time.

Saturday started with auto-cross at the Firebird Raceway in which North Coast's own Syd Blake participated. Friends of North Coast, Mark & Cindy Costello took first & second respectively at the drags and took home a total of four trophies for both events.

Saturday evening included the concours car show, pirate costume party and dancing to a live band.

Sunday began with a rally followed by a pool party in the afternoon in which two North Coast members, initials of RE & ES were notorious from their fourth floor balcony for being the super soaker champions of the event. Wanted posters with their pictures are still being circulated around the Radisson Tempe Mission Palms. Over three hundred Corvetters want to get these guys. Trish Eaton was our representative to walk the plank in the Soakin Skivies & Wet Wenches contest. She was presented with a neat T Shirt for her efforts.

The third day was capped off in the Desert Oasis with dinner, dancing and door prizes.

Monday AM there was a sumptuous breakfast, award presentation and raffle.

I don't know how the DCA can improve on such a spectacular event but somehow it seems to get better and better every year.

Only eight months to rest up before we party with this gang again in Tucson at Superbash '96.

A Day at the Races

By Anne Lamache

As Chairperson of this event, I feel privileged to do this each year. Since I live in this area I am able to contribute my time and effort to the North Coast Vettes. Each year we have a good response, but hope all who wish to attend will do so before the deadline as I do not want to turn late callers away. A special thanks to Roger Hyde and his son for sending a check to cover the cost of 35 people. Liz Carnes, also, brings a group of people with her, even though they do not own Corvettes. And for all who brought guests, thank you. Agai, we met at Von's, 19 cars caravaned to the Solana Gate and through the tunnel to park our cars in a special roped off area next to the Pacific Pavilion. We enjoyed our buffet luncheon in a cool, shaded patio area with tables, chairs, and umbrellas before the races began. Our cars were in full view and security guards were near. 81 people attended. I took a survey, to determine if this weekend was agreable to all and learned that the Saturday, of the Labor Day weekend, is the most convenient for most. I wish to thank all who attended, I trust I was a good host and hope to see all of you and more, again next year. By the way, I don't know how much each person won, but Shawn Silva won $138 on the tenth race!


Roger Hyde & Guests, Bob & Judy Wiltse & Guests, Bill Schmidt, Terry Shrock & Son, Don & Kay Wolfe & Family, Owen & Carol Rabourn, Roger & Ann Iddison, Dave & Tina Benac, Robert Gillam, Shawn Silva, Liz Carnes & Guests, Joel & Laurie Garry & Guests, Robert & Jan Levers, Michael Daniele & Mary, Andrew & Anne Lamache, Larry & Pat Rohlmeier, Terry McComas & Ed Youngman, Ken Riha & Guest, Richard Sutherlin.

North Coast Vettes

P. O. Box 188237

Carlsbad, CA 92009

Sponsored by Weseloh Chevrolet

"Car Country Carlsbad"

5335 Paseo del Norte

Carlsbad, CA 92008 619/438-1001

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