Rear View Mirror - September, 1992: 38 people from our club at the tri-club picnic; Planning for Otis Chandler Museum run, "no gimmick" brunch run, and Laughlin; Joel & Laurie Garry show up with a ZR-1 at Cruise Nite at the 101 Cafe; Day at the Races; Craig & Anne Howlett visit the Corvette Factory in Kentucky; Sting Ray III concept car has an LT1 front-engine and the transmission just behind the rear wheels; and flyers for American Corvette Association Funkhana at the Roy Rogers Museum and the 10th Corvettes For Fun show at Hibbard Chevrolet.

Now it's five years later, and the battery died in the ZR-1 at this years Day at the Races. L So I spent a significant portion of the rest of the long weekend discovering how much damage an old battery can cause after 33,000 miles. The positive had welded itself on, so I had to break it off the battery to get the battery out. The acid had attacked various things near the battery, for example, the vacuum hoses coming off the cruise crumbled at a touch. So, its off to the dealer to get things fixed right. LLL Now I understand why there is almost nothing about the battery in the owners manual - it's tougher to work on than even my old '63 (where you had to pull out the radiator overflow to get at the battery - and the location was so hot, it ate batteries). Hopefully, it won't be a problem for another 5 years.

The Day at the Races was fun as usual, although our turnout was quite a bit lower this year than in years past. I came out about 75 cents ahead.

Presidential Prattle

Flash!! Sen. Kopp's smog exemption Bill passed the Appropriations Committee and may be before the Assembly by Sept. 8. Bill exempts pre-1973 vehicles for 5 years and then go to 30 years or older.

Snake-Eye's Revenge--Thanks to Ann and Andrew for a great Day at the Races, '97 version. Good time had by all the big winners.

Looking ahead, we have our calendar to fill up with Monthly Events, the replacements for the 2nd meeting. Sept. 13 brings us Bell Gardens and the Julian Run takes care of October. (contact Frank Tecca)

We are planning a November brunch at the Four Seasons Resort in Carlsbad-$20.00 Buffet-no shorts, sandals or tennis shoes allowed. Details to come.

Mel and Jessica have offered their new digs for a Christmas party.

The New Year still has some open dates. I would like to see the Club adopt the St. Patrick's Day Parade for March with the Weseloh Show in April.

I need to hear from the membership about a 20th Anniversary Club Photo for the members and to send to the national mags in hopes of getting a club layout. We need to have a professional photographer do the shoot somewhere in Carlsbad near the ocean.

Next meeting October 1--Let's all come out to discuss these important issues


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