Meeting Location

Denny's Carlsbad

1048 Carlsbad Village Drive

Carlsbad, CA 92008

West of I-5

North Coast Vettes was formed in 1978 by people who shared a common interest - their cars - and who wanted to have fun and participate in community functions. Since that time, the club has grown to involve activities with clubs and organizations of various types, all directed toward using our cars for enjoyment by us - individually and as a group.

We like to think that the members are "family." While we enjoy many varied events such as caravans to interesting destinations; participation in parades, car shows, inter-club poker runs, and different events; brunches; parties, making new friends; car racing; etc., we always keep in mind that we join the club to enjoy it!


Our club seems to have passed the magic 50-member mark! Welcome to all the new faces. You have some great events to look forward to coming up in the next year. Palm Springs Vintage Car races; Loads of car shows, not the least of which is our own show in April, and the big regional show in May; Gamblers Classic in March; I hear rumors the Big Bear Bash will be back in Big Bear in June; More car shows; Brunch runs; And just driving around enjoying the best cars in the best part of the best country on Earth! The holiday season is probably the least active for Corvette events, yet there is something on the Calendar for almost every weekend that isn't a holiday (and I'm sure something will pop-up on the weekend of December 10th - when is Toys for Tots, the big hotrod show where the entrance fee is a donated toy?). As a North Coast Vettes member, you can pitch in and help. Have an idea for a brunch run? Want to be a club officer? Want to be a published automotive journalist? Have a favorite community function? This is your big opportunity! Just don't take a step back when people ask for volunteers! It's easy, fun, and rewarding!

Rear View Mirror: November, 1990: Santa Fe Christian and Vista High Homecomings (with a late dinner at T-Bird Diner); Pea Soup Andersen's is a dramatic improvement in meeting place; Thanksgiving Dinner at the Wolfe's; Brunch at the Grove and Pumpkin Run to Bates Nuts Farm; Salmon House brunch run; Supercharged '89 Vette becomes world's fastest vehicle with two operating doors; Insurance woes predicted to end high-performance automobiles; 20 inch wheels with 25-series tires predicted in "a couple of years"; Chevy has enough engines to build 4000 ZR-1's in 1991; Earl writes a letter from the middle of Saudi Arabia.

Looking around in Autoweek, I noticed there seemed to be a number of vintage racing Vettes for sale. Drool. J. D. Power's Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout study rated the Corvette as the "Most Appealing Sports Car" (They get the cover of DUH magazine).

Thought for the month: The Z16 option - Grand Sport Edition package lists for almost as much as a base '63 listed when new; $3250.

Membership News

By Helene Sheehan,

Membership Chairman

At our October 4th meeting we started out with three guest and ended up with one guest and two new members. Chuck & Andrea Guernsey from Solana Beach came as first time guests. I asked them to fill out our questionnaire in order to introduce them to the members. They filled it out and asked; how much for the dues? Was I pleasantly surprised. Chuck & Andrea have a red '95 coupe and a white '89 coupe. His & Hers. Chuck & Andrea heard about our club from a salesman at Harloff Chevrolet. Welcome, welcome. We are delighted to have you both as our newest members. They're hoping to join us at our Julian run October 28th.

Our other guest that evening was Mark Francois from Cardiff who has a '67 L79 convertible. Just before our meeting ended Mark relayed a great story, to the best of my recollection. The first time he rode in a mid-year Vette was in 1974 while in college in Santa Barbara. He hitched a ride from a fellow student who volunteered after Mark stated he needed to get to LA. Unbeknownst to him before our meeting, Mark stated that fellow student was "in this room"; our very own Joel Garry. Surprise, surprise! Mark said that was the scariest ride he ever took [yeah, you shoulda seen what the pieces looked like when I finally rebuilt the front end - Editor]. Several people in the room said "some things don't change." What a trip, for Mark & Joel. Mark heard about our club from Ed Fredendall at North County's Endless Summer car show at Bob Stall Chevrolet in La Mesa.

We had three guests at our October 18th meeting and all were return visitors. Steve Shaeffer from San Marcos joined us again. He was a guest at our May 3rd meeting. Steve & Julie have a '91 coupe, metallic turquoise. Warren & Phyllis Cummings also came to our meeting, having been to our May 3rd meeting as well. They have an '87 red coupe and a '91 white coupe. We remember seeing them in Buelton. We're hoping they will all become new members. That would bring our membership to a grand totoal of "54." Not bad for a little "social" club.

Let's all keep up the good work and have some fun.

Julian 1995

By Frank Tecca

If you missed our Julian Fun Run this year, you missed Popeye, Olive Oil, Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Three-Legged man; not to mention the sweet young strawberries in high heels and hot pants. Eat your heart out!!

Our caravan started at Penny Lane in San Marcos with Corvettes driven by Frank and Gloria Tecca, Michael Daniele and Mary Linde, Bill Schmidt, Wes and Kathy De Holl, Joel and Laurie Garry, Dan and Sue Hoskin, Roger Falcone and Diane, and Bob and Jan Levers. Shirley Giltzow followed in her MercedVette. Anne and Andrew LaMache, John and Sally Powell, and Eddie and Helene Sheehan met us in Julian. Altogether a great turnout for a great annual event.

We retraced the trail originally blazed by Don Wolfe through Hiland Valley Road to Highway 67. From there we wandered off to San Diego Country Estates where we found the natives waiting at the San Vicente Inn with great repasts for our palates. It was ordered from the menu which contained superb salads and sandwiches.

After finding our way back to the main wagon trail, we sped up to Julian with all those Corvette horses galloping in unison. We roared into the Julian Lodge and staked out cars among the beauties and the beasts from the Vette Set. Forsaking all diversions, they had arrived at Julian ahead of us by a nose.

The call to arms came at five o'clock: "All glasses shall be filled and all elbows shall be bent." The parking lot was to be the battlefield. There we joked and cavorted until it was time to hobble off to mess at the American Legion Hall. BBQed steaks for all, sized to hide a dinner plate. Salad, vegetable and dessert were the accompaniments for only seven dollars.

At 9 PM characters, cartoons and goblins congregated at the Hall for a night of revelry to the tunes of a live 3 piece band. With loaded tommy guns, the Godmother and Godfather greeted the Grim Reaper, a San Diego Chargers Cheerleader, Mr. and Mrs. Dargon and the Strawberries; who, by the end of the evening, found themselves in a real jam.

The sun actually came up on Sunday morning (for most of us) and chased away all the spooks. As heads cleared, we paid our dues to the local economy, revved up our waiting chariots and aimed for the old homestead. Down, down, down from the land of make believe into the pragmatic toils of the everyday mortgage maker. Another Julian gone by and another Julian to look forward to next year. Have you made your reservations yet? Hurry Hurry


By Korvette Kat

You've heard the official line - now, the Krazy Korvette Kat purrrrsues the rumors dogging (excuse my French) the not-so-boaring (sorrry) Trip to Julian and Gomorra. This Krazy one got a pink fuzzy parabolic earful of juicy overheard gossip, innuendo, and just plain drunken disorderly tomcatfoolery from the pines to the palms. Who will turn beet red when they read these quotes? Meeeoowwww...

"Pull my pull my other udder." "He threw it first!" "It's amazing how fast the nausea comes back." "I bet I know why that Corvette slowed down all of a sudden!" "Hey, this booze really works clearing up my sinus infection!" "Here honey, take this sinus medication." "...And then they came back into the bar with their underwear in their teeth." "He has his pants on right side out today." "If I see you throwing food again you'll have to clean it up." "He wouldn't use my first idea for a costume..." "My mother said if you can get through the first seven years you'll probably last." "I don't care as long as the Corvette gets a garage." "Jack drives a '61 Vette." "We know who the passengers are." "Which preacher are you supposed to be?" "Do you know any Blues Brothers?" "G'night Whoopie!" "I invited all those Corvette people in the parking lot, but they just came in and left again." "Hike...WHOA! watch the mirror!" "Dogpile on the skinny blonde!" "If you want something really scary, ride that coaster at Magic Mountain where your feet dangle in the air." "Why don't we get that big room next year?" "Decaf? HAHAHA! Next they'll be wanting a capuccino machine." "And a fern bar." "Those people are just too loud." "Could you play Strawberry Fields when we come out in costume?" "Ah! Ah! I'm having a baby!" "It's interesting being the only sober person in the room." "We were playing Spin the Bottle and the same people kept winning." "Women on the stairs! All women on the stairs!" "Congratulations! You hit the pregnant woman in the face with a football!" "All men face front!" "Where's the trash?" "Is it too late to register for the contest?" "Wow, they had Swedish Meatballs last week." "What a good dog! Now go lay down." "You have an amazing power." "This soda tastes like sewer water." "I took off work to go on your trip." "...And when I went to go look at it, it was my old car." "Check out the Stude." "I saw you with a whole armload of pies and I waved but you didn't see me." "I can't believe all these people park in this bank parking lot." "It's a Volkswagen." "I don't know who's van that is, last week there was an old car club here, I try to keep people out of the parking lot." "I don't want to walk there in heels." "I don't know how to drive a stick." "Your steak was definitely better than mine." "I never did that in my life." "I had a whole group of kids hypnotized." "We'll leave for dinner at Seven." "He broke a fanbelt." "Skunk." "Those people in the pie shop are eating Mexican food." "Damn motorhomes."

"It's much warmer than I expected." "My pager went off and read 'Out of service area'." "Well, I thought we were cute." "I want to go in the antique shop."

So remember, scratch the kitty behind the ears. When you do it right, the motor will purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

North Coast Vettes

P. O. Box 188237

Carlsbad, CA 92009

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