Well, so many people say how badly American cars are built, and sad to say, I had a problem with my car. Three days after coming back from Julian, I was driving to work in the rain (horrors to begin with!), and a bolt holding the rear spring on broke off as I went over a railroad track. I pulled over, and the rear of the car was very low, with the spring dragging on the pavement. I am happy to say that Chevy had Weseloh replace the spring under warranty, even though the warranty was technically expired, because of the low miles on the car, and no evidence of abuse. This is the sort of treatment that engenders loyalty to a marque.

If you have any of the club trophies or awards, please call Eddie Sheehan, so we can display them to the world at Weseloh Chevrolet.

Rick Otto and John Pawoll are putting on a brunch run including a trip to Malibu Grand Prix. If you've been there, you know how fun it is. If you've never been there, you should try it - it's great fun! Free brunch for fastest man and woman, too.

Wasn't Julian great? We'll have an article about it in the next newsletter. I had to get this one out on time for a change. Drive defensively in this holiday season!

Vintage Mondavi Corvette Classic

By Anne Lamache

SCC/NCRS hosted the Vintage Mondavi Corvette Classic, October 12 to benefit the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation at Childrens' Hospital of Orange County. One hundred sixteen Corvettes graced the parking area of the Robert Mondavi Wine and Food Center. NCRS judging for NCRS members only, limited to 1953-1983 Corvettes. Members had a choice of Flight Judging or Participants Choice - open to all Corvette clubs. Most who entered their cars arrived on Friday, October 11. Security was provided at Mondavi and at the Courtyard Marriott. Festivities during the day started early, Octover 12. After towels down, the judging began. Raffle tickets were sold and many prizes were awarded. Paul Moyer of Channel 4, LA was master of ceremonies. He wanted to buy our car, but I told him it was not for sale! Gary Perkins called the raffle numbers and Jan Madsen, event chairperson and helpers handed out prizes. Wine and Cheese tasting from 1:00PM to 3:00PM was a delight. Good vintage wines and a variety of cheese and crackers was enjoyed by those who paid $25 each. Feast d'Elegance - Awards Banquet, 7:00PM to 10:00PM was $40 per SCC/NCRS member (Pre-registered only) or $65 per non-member. Remember folks, this was for charity. Pete Lyons, guest speaker, a writer for Car and Driver and Auto Week, showed slides of his travels through Sicily and Portugal in his Corvette. Pat Collins, Judging Chairman, and Clyde Madson, presided over the awards ceremony. Andrew & Anne Lamache from North Coast Vettes were awarded second place in the midyear category. As new members, we were surprised and thrilled. The trip to Costa Mesa and home was an experience as well, as one does not see these vintage cars on the highway very often. It was a lovely and memorable weekend. Those in attendence from our club were Ed & Helene Sheehan, Richard & Trish Eaton, Frank & Gloria Tecca, John & Charleen McMahon, John Pawoll, and Rick Otto. It was gratifying to see our club members. It made the day complete.

The Essence of a Corvette Club

By Anne Lamache

North Coast Vettes

The Essence of a Corvette Club is the "Spirit of the Corvette." It is America's Dream Car and America's only Sports Car. A Corvette is a privilege to own and drive. We respect the power of this car and care for it as a member of the family. We as proud owners, gather together to pay homage to the Corvette when we become a member of a Corvette Club and take an active part in the many events staged each year to honor the Corvette. At no time should we ever think of outdoing one another at these events. It is the Corvette that is the limelight, not you or me. We are merely an instrument to insure that the Corvette will maintain its noble presence in the history of the automotive industry. As members of the North Coast Vettes club, Andrew and I are the original owners of a 1967 427 Corvette, one of the finest Corvettes General motors has manufactured. There are others who own early model Corvettes and share with us the pride in preserving these timeless automobiles. We also own an '85 and a '93, again we share with those who own the later models. It has been our pleasure to meet and work with so many people who show a love for the Corvette. In 1997 we hope to participate in more evnts, hosted by other clubs. Our special events include the Weseloh Corvette Car Show in April, and A Day at the Races on the Labor Day weekend, which may be changed to an earlier date because it conflicts with the Millard Fillmore event. Since we are a non-profit organization, our goal is to stage as many events as possible, that we may contribute to charities in an effort to bring our joy to others. We are a small group, but we always seem to acheive what we endeavour. The camaraderie in our club has made this possible. North Coast Vettes looks forward to working with all Corvette Clubs, in an effort to establish good Corvette relationships and respect fo rthe honored tradition of the Corvette.

North Coast Vettes

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