Meeting Location

Denny's Carlsbad

1048 Carlsbad Village Drive

Carlsbad, CA 92008

West of I-5

North Coast Vettes was formed in 1978 by people who shared a common interest - their cars - and who wanted to have fun and participate in community functions. Since that time, the club has grown to involve activities with clubs and organizations of various types, all directed toward using our cars for enjoyment by us - individually and as a group.

We like to think that the members are "family." While we enjoy many varied events such as caravans to interesting destinations; participation in parades, car shows, inter-club poker runs, and different events; brunches; parties, making new friends; car racing; etc., we always keep in mind that we join the club to enjoy it!


So much has happened this year it's hard to believe it is just one year! Laurie and I are going to have a baby boy, the warranty on the ZR1 expired (yikes!), we bought a house (some of you have seen it, many more will on the progessive dinner), still need to sell the old one (yikes!), Plastic Fantastic, Lawrence Welk, Laughlin, Weseloh show, Expo, Superbash, Brunch runs, Chandler Museum, Vette Set show, Deer Park, Palm Springs, Happy Hours, Baseball, Millard Filmore, Rod Run, Doo Wopp, Endless Summer, Day at the Races, Little Guys, Julian... and that's just the half of it! A reminder to our newer members - some of these things are traditions, some of them are new, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions, and we can always use help planning and executing events. We have our elections for club officers in March - participate! Being an officer of a non-profit organization might look good on your resume, eh? The members make this club what it is, a growing, dynamic, fun place to be!

Rear View Mirror - December, 1990: North Coast Vettes drops out of NCCC; Brunch at Salmon House; Thanksgiving dinner at the Wolfes; Callaway Corvettes run to Callaway Winery; Oceanside Christmas Parade; Cruise for Kids; Steve Montagna buys a '67 Vette; Corvette is only American car on Ten Best Cars in the World list.

I had fun at a couple of events this past month. John & Sally Pawoll and I went to the Palm Spring vintage races and car show. Spotted Dick Guldstrand in his racing outfit (as well as his GS-90), and saw some exciting midyear racin' Vettes. One big-block '67 coupe was giving a real GT40 Ford a run for its money. There were also some solid-axle Vettes racing too - what a handful! There was also a car show (the Pond collection), which, of course, had a Vette in it (a '61, if memory serves).

Went to the CARS swap meet and saw several old Vette aquaintances, including Mark Francois and his shiny red '67 smallblock roadster. Nice car Mark!

Had a bit of sad news too. Paul Morgan, one of the founding members of North Coast Vettes, passed away after having had surgery on his knees. Our sincere condolences to Dee Morgan on the loss of her beloved. Paul and Dee helped found the club in 1978, with their new 1979 coupe. They were very active in the club until a couple of years ago, when they moved to Ramona. Paul was always rarin' to hit the road early!

Membership News

By Helene Sheehan,

Membership Chairman

We enjoyed welcoming two guests at our December 6th Meeting. We were very pleased to welcome Guy Charbonneau to our club meetinmg. Guy is the proud owner of two Corvettes, as well as a '95 Impala SS. He has an '84 black coupe as well as a '94 black ZR1. Guy, who is a real Corvette enthusiast, shared with us his ownership history, etc. Joe Leveque from COCSD told Guy about our club while he was attending the Corvette Expo last May (in which he won 2nd place in his category, without even trying). We hope we'll be seeing Guy again in the not too distant future. We also welcomed Ernest Phelps to our club. Ernest has a '91 Polo Green coupe that he bought from Weseloh Chevrolet and that is where he was told about our club. Thank you, Weseloh. Ernest shared with us that he has wanted a Corvette ever since he was a little guy with a toy Vette. Again, we were so pleased to welcome Ernest and sure hope to see him at our next meeting. Both 'guys' would be a great addition to our club.

'Tis the season for our annual progressive Holiday party. We will be starting out at Jessica & Mel Muzio's house for appetizers, progressing on to Sean Silva's (Mr. Pres.) house for our main dish, then on to Laurie & Joel Garry's house for dessert (shared) and the gift exchange (I am looking forward to seeing the Garry's new house in Vista). Thanks, Jessica, for doing such a great job with the handout. Not only very festive looking but informative as well. I, for one, am looking forward to it. We've always had such a good time in years gone by. Sure is nice that some are coming forward to volunteer their homes so that we can go to different homes each year.

Because of the holidays, Corvette activities generally come to a screeching halt, or at least slow way down, but from mid-January on, different events will be coming up and I feel real good about the group of members we have, with a lot of great new members. The next year should be filled with some great events and we know for sure we'll enjoy the company.

Again, if anyone has any ideas for events, please don't hesitate to come forward and plan them. Some prefer to get initial feedback from the club first before planning an event, others just do the research then pass around a sign-up sheet at a meeting to firm up a count of people wanting to go. Caravaning during an event is always a fun activity, particularly through the countryside. The looks from the bystanders and the thumbs up are great.

Thanks for all your input and let's have some fun!!!

Mother Goose Parade

By Anne Lamache

The Mother Goose Parade and Pancake Breakfast, November 19, 1995, was hosted by COCSD. All Corvette Clubs were invited to participate. 34 decorated Corvettes graced the parade. Ed & Helene Sheehan, Wes & Kathy DeHoll, Ed & Jordan Fredendall, and Anne & Andrew Lamache comprised the group from North Coast Vettes. Bob Wiltse escorted his daughter Molly and friend, stayed to have breakfast, but had another commitment. We missed your pretty red convertible in the parade, Bob. Maybe next year.

Everyone enjoyed a pancake breakfast, hosted by Ken & Sharon Hartley, owners of Anything Corvette. The parade was a success as usual. As we cruised El Cajon Boulevard, a bystander said "that is the smell of money!"

The Hooters girls, wearing Santa Claus hats, rode in open Corvettes at the rear of the parade. The girls looked great.

North Coast Vettes

P. O. Box 188237

Carlsbad, CA 92009

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