Rear View Mirror - November/December, 1991: Don Wolfe discovers his car is supposed to be Corvette Bronze; Thanksgiving Dinner at the Walker's; One Corvette races the Del Mar Grand Prix; Laughlin Run with COCSD; Brunch run to Culbertsons Winery, followed by NCCC Pool Party with Charger Girls; Membership Picnic; MSRP of a convertible a "staggering $40,145;" Oceanside Christmas Parade; Homecomings at USD, Vista High, Carlsbad High, and Santa Fe Christian School; Streetmasters Toy Drive; Progressive Christmas Dinner at the Sklar's, Johnson's, Wolfe's and Walker's; '69 ZL1 auctioned for $300,000 after being confiscated from a cocaine dealer; And Callaway produced Twin-Turbo number 500.

Well, another year has blown on by us like a Gran Sport in sixth gear. The holidays are here and it's time to get in gear and buy presents for those so dear. What does one get for the Corvette owner who has everything? Submit your funny ideas/articles/parodies for our April Fuel issue!

You should all know by know that we are once again changing our meeting place. It is always difficult to find a place to meet, as we have our own lives, schedules, and ideas on what good food is. An ongoing problem is, if we meet at a restaurant, the restaurant and its servers may have different expectations as to how much we should spend than we do. I urge you to patronize our new hosts by ordering food and tipping well. As always, it is optional, but we want to start out on the right foot! Once they decide we aren't worth it, it's only a matter of time before we're out on the street. Personally, I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want us, even if just a few people order, it's not like we're obnoxious. But restaurants are businesses and have business criteria for such things. So eat lots of pancakes! Yummy!

Membership News

By Helene Sheehan

Membership Chairman

11/6/96 - Meeting:

At our November 6th meeting we were pleased to welcome two guests. William Knooihuizen, who lives in Carlsbad, joined us. He has three Corvettes (must be competing with Anne & Andrew L.), a '72 roadster, '81 Coupe and a 92 'ZR1. William heard about our club from Terry Shrock. Terry left a card for him and he called with interest. So glad; thanks Terry as William has decided to join our club. Welcome and we hope to see you often at upcoming meetings and events. We do have fun.

Our second guest was Ed Whitney, also from Carlsbad. Ed has a '68 convertible. he was previously a member of North Coast Vettes and I believe he saw Don Wolfe who encouraged him to come to a meeting. We hope we see you again, Ed, and that you consider rejoining.

11/20/96 - Meeting:

We had one guest at our November 20th meeting, but not a potential new member. Jeremy Webster from Bob Stahl Chevrolet joined us to talk about the elusive '97. Everyone found it interesting. He also shared some information about the Bob Stahl dealership. Please speak with Frank Tecca if you would like a flyer Jeremy left or more details about Jeremy's very informative presentation.


November 6th we had our second name badge drawing. Ed Fredendall's name was pulled from our basket but unfortunately Ed was not at the meeting wearing his name badge to collect his $10.00. Therefore, the pot increases to $15.00 and rolls over to the first meeting in December. Now it's beginning to look a little interesting! Hope to see a lot of you Decmber 4th, wearing your badges. Good luck...

We decided to have our Holiday Party December 14th and as always, a progressive one. Trish & Richard Eaton generously offered their new (beautiful) home in Vista for the main meal and Gloria Tecca offered to take the action to get volunteers for a home for appetizers/wine/beer/soft drinks and a home for desert and the gift exchange. We're hoping many of us will be able to attend. We always have a great time.

Update: Frank Tecca made up a beautiful flyer including a road map to each home. John & Sally Pawoll offered to have appetizers, etc. at their home (hope you like Cheeze-Wiz!) and Wes & Kathy DeHoll offered their home for desert and gift exchange. Thanks a lot to all you guys.

Malibu Grand Prix

By John Pawoll

On November 17, 1996, eight Corvettes and 15 "Race Car" drivers went to Malibu Grand Prix to test their abilities at the track in San Diego.

We caravaned down I-5 to Malibu and the "race" began. Rick Otto could barely see over the wheel. Richard couldn't keep on the track. Ed tried 3 different cars. Wes had a constant smile. Trish had a sore back. Syd was "flying." At the end, Rick got low lap time for the men, and Syd was the fastest woman.

We then rolled over to El Torito Restaurant and devoured a massive brunch. Syd and Rick got a free brunch from the group for the lowest lap times. All had a great time. We should make this a yearly event! A special thanks to Sally, Marilyn, and Cathy for keeping times, a very difficult task! Fastest individual laps are below:

Syd 60.46

Helene 64.50

Trish 61.88

Rick 57.16

John 57.23

Ed 58.66

Bob W. 60.33

Bob C. 58.44

Jerree 57.28

Wes 59.63

Richard 58.86

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