Rear View Mirror - Dec/Jan, 1992/93: Frank & Gloria Tecca are guests at a meeting; North Coast Vettes votes to leave the WSCC in favor of the NCCC; Palm Springs Road Race & 40th Corvette Anniversary is "without a doubt, the best Corvette event ever--Period!"; Brunch run to Malibu Grand Prix and Marie Callendars; Holiday dinner progressive run at Diane & A. J. Johnson's, Lori & Merle Walker's, and "a final home to be announced"; Street Masters Christmas for Kids at Marina Village; Planning for the West Coast Corvette Expo begins; Plastic Fantastic; James Cameron buys first Callaway Speedster through Corvette Mike; January Mountain Run to Julian; and Skoal gives away a split window and a '93 ZR1.

Well, I still haven't sold the ZR1. Guess I'll have to go see Corvette Mike! (No guess that I don't really wanna sell!)

San Diego is really coming up in the world of high-end motoring. Several of us went to both the Torrey Pines show and the North Island races (competing with Monterey and replacing Palm Springs, respectively). Yow! We can attract some fine vintage machinery this time of year! If any you noticed the black #65 Cadillac powered Allard competing at North Island - Mr. Lytle was one of my neighbors where I grew up in LA. When they were having the parade lap, I was standing as close as I could get to turn 6 (which wasn't very close), where there was an exit from the track. The Cunningham Carroll Shelby was riding in left the parade and drove right past me. I was standing by turn 4 when the Jaguar XK tried to pass inside the gigantic Hudson Hornet, who apparantly didn't see him at all. The Jag hit the side of the Hudson hard enough to lift the back of the Jag several feet in the air. Track workers were picking up parts off the track for quite a while after that. Hoo$$$boy. The Trans-Am Mustangs and Camaros left everybody both deaf and smiling! It was great to just walk through the pits and look at all this fine machinery (including a number of racing Vettes) close-up. That SR2 is still one of the finest looking machines ever built, and seeing it in action on the track is better than any museum could ever be. And I know it's heresy, but the speed and sound of those Lotus's and Ferrari's almost make one doubt the superiority of 8 cylinders... Hey, the Bondurant school is starting up a shifter carts course...

Membership News

By Shawn Silva

Membership Chairman

Presidential Prattle

Hard to believe that its almost over--1997. Looking forward to a good turnout and lots of fun at the Muzios on the 13th. Remember to bring a gift for the exchange. I still need to hear from the members about a Club Photo--yea or nay! Club members really enjoyed driving in the Veteran's Day Parade and we had a good turnout as well as a good time at the Vintage Races in Coronado. Thanks to Bob and Judy Wiltse for setting that up. Just got the invitation from the Irish Congress of San Diego asking us to participate in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in March. More info at the next meeting. I would like to see that parade as our March Club Event. I've seen lots of print about the designation of the coast highway as Historical 101. Some of the north coast communities are planning events, etc. If anyone has any info on how the Club can get involved, please pass it along. Lets try to have a good turnout at the Jan. meeting.

Your Prez


Terry Shrock



By Bob Wiltse

On the weekend of November 22 & 23, 1997, North Island Naval Air Station on beautiful Coronado was the scene of this inaugural event of classic/vintage automobile races. The Southern CA Shelby Club requested North Coast Vettes to participate as a Club in the Car Corral and attend the races.

Responding to the promise of classic cars and speed were the following NCVers, who caravaned from Carlsbad to Coronado on November 23, 1997:

Roger & Sharlene Conklin, Wes & Kathy DeHoll, Joel Garry, Bob & Jan Levers, Mel & Jessica Muzio (plus son Chris & friend). Shawn Silva, Terry & Kevin Shrock, Frank & Gloria Tecca, Don & Kay Wolfe, Bob & Judy Wiltse and Anne & Andrew Lamache, who joined the caravan in LaJolla.

After parking in the Car Corral and checking out the other car clubs' classics and naval aircraft on display, attendees were shuttled to the race site where morning practice runs were in progress. The races were divided into 6 groups, designated by year, type and engine displacement of the vehicle. There was a variety of food, merchandise & exhibitor booths to visit.

After lunch, the exhibition races were conducted and spectators could choose their vantage points - either up in the grandstands for a wide perspective or down next to the track for the up, close & personal touch of acceleration and down shifting noise. It was a fantastic sight to see & hear the Corvettes run with the classics. The event was well attended and will probably become an annual event - we hope!

After the races, some of the group took advantage of the proximity to Old Town and had dinner at the Mexican Cafe there. It was a great day for cars and food!

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