Yes, the wheels shown above have been replaced by late model 5 series style. So the BBS lace chrome 15.5 inchers are for sale, best offer. $100 and you pick up, maybe?


For $5500 (October 2001).

July, 1999. I finally bought a 750iL, 1990, Alpenweiss II / Natur (White over tan). So far I've laid out $9000 to buy it, $1200 register/taxes, $2800 in repairs. My general intent is to drive the ultimate luxury machine for under $15,000. Time will tell...

December, 1999. Well, it's gone a bit over budget, but now I drive it 110+ miles a day, and it hasn't let me down or stranded me yet (which is more than I can say for the much newer and lower mile Dodge Grand Caravan my wife won't let me sell 'cause it's so useful). My basic idea of buying it, having the mechanic go through it thoroughly once, driving a few thousand miles, then fixing the other minor things that pop up has proven to be a decent idea.

Here's what I've spent (aside from insurance, gas and a couple quarts of oil):

So that's a bit under $18K. Draw your own conclusions. If I don't have to do anything major for another 6 months, I'll be happy. It's running reeeeeal good now that it's driven on the freeway a lot.

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July 2000. Well, I finally decided to join the vanpool. So the now-nearly-perfect beemer is for sale! I've done a few minor things lately:

Not bad! This is a good deal for someone. Hard to find 750's with the seals fixed.

September 2000. Front strut inserts, some bad fuel lines: $678

November 2000. Rear OEM load leveling shocks, brake job, front rotors, Inspection II: $2689

February 2001. Rear window exploded while sitting in left turn lane. Don't know if someone was shooting at me or what. $517

May 2001. A few bushings and an oil change and such, $528.

October 2001. Sold!.

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