Interesting Links

(I know most of these links from 2004 are broken. As I think of it I fix them. If you have a correction, email me.)

Visit the following ANTI-SPAM related Web sites for more information on how to combat SPAM and what you can do about it.

Help stop Scam Spammers!
Pixel Privacy
Maintainer of the SPAM-L FAQ 3.3
Complaint Addresses (GoodGuys|Unresponsive|Foe)
If you want to improve your spam-fighting skills
Anchor Desk Special Spam Fighting Edition
How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, and Telemarketers
Spamslammer pop-up ads

Virus stuff

Computer virus myths homepage
Symantec Antivirus Research Center
Dr. Solomon's Virus Central
DataFellows Virus Information Center
Stiller Research Virus Information
Virus Bulletin Home Page
Wild Lists - Viruses in the wild.
NIST Virus Information Page
McAfee Virus Pages
Sophos Virus Information Page
Seven Locks Software
Cheyenne Security Center
Trend Micro Virus Encyclopedia
AVP Virus Encyclopedia
Security events list
Dynalynx Hacker Links
Nasty thing to punish a troll

IDzap proxy
Safeweb SSL surfing
Freedom Internet Privacy Suite

FTC identity theft resources
Identity Theft Data Clearinghouse
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Privacy links
CA Dept. of Consumer Affairs legal guide
Identity Theft Survival Kit
CalPIRG Privacy Rights Education Program
Hiding Crimes in Cyberspace

Unix stuff

Sun Manual Pages
UNIXhelp for Users
Sun Microsystems and Sun Site
Hewlett Packard and HP Electronic Support Center
Help with HTML
Help with VI, the UNIX editor
Linux myth dispeller
Ethereal User Guide
IP Masquerading
Overflow hacks
Hardening BSD
Earliest unix

Other stuff

Online Dictionary
Landscape generator
Merck Manual of the Materia Medica
Ruben H. Fleet museum
Time and Date site
Time Zones Graphically
Lone Sailor Organization
National Personnel Center
Switchblade Kittens do My Heart Will go On

Hacker Alert
Aircraft Risks
Robot links
Image Reducer
Dark Art
Explanations of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur
Los Angeles by X
California Long-Tailed Weasel
All about the California Long-Tailed Weasel
Some more about - guess!
Labyrinth Locator
Hardware Hell
Web tools

Red Rock Eater - For information on RRE, including instructions for (un)subscribing, send an empty message to
comp.risks - click here or SEND DIRECT E-MAIL REQUESTS to with one-line, SUBSCRIBE (or UNSUBSCRIBE) [with net address if different from FROM:] or INFO [for unabridged version of RISKS information]
Winners of Censorware contest
First Digital Computer
Against Intellectual Property
Biological Warfare
Dr. Kogens Circumsion Page
Documents Prohibited by Governments
Classic Thai Home Cooking
Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition
FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center
Free Money For Crackers
Keeba's film links
TECO manual


Buy an actual copy of Robby the Robot
Play with sticks
Laser Projection Games
Laser Mame
Play Pong agains a Neural Network
Q*Bert ports
Q*Bert History
Extremely cool clock floating in air
Turbojets for model airplanes
Urban Exploration Webring
History of Geek T-shirts
Guess your Evil Dictator or Cartoon Character
Do It Yourself Net
Do It Yourself com
Make Stuff
Various jet powered thingies link
Flash Stylophone

Funny Stuff

Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness
Harris Creative Group Jokes
Crank of the Day
Harry Shearer
Zany Texts
Stupid Support Stories
Blo stuf up rel gud
Internet Oracle Index
Usenet Oracle Geek
Usenet Oracle on W95
Cat Dictionary
Chattanooga Fun Sites
Light Bulb Jokes
Zippyfier for browsing
How to write unmaintainable code
College MS Humor
Urban Legends
Tech Tales
DNRC Members Only
Filthy Film Critic
WTO hoax
History of Geek T-shirts
Old Bizarre Error Messages
More oddness
Very Public Blue Screens of Death
Airport prank
Gone and Forgotten Comix
Different languages foot shoot
BS Generator

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