Some Real Estate Links

Some Real Estate Links


Vista, CA
San Diego traffic
All about San Diego
San Diego traffic map
Sign On San Deigo Marketplace
local market forecast (old)
Vista Census info
Houses For Sale near mine
School Performance
Sangis plot of my house
Property Tax website
My house as seen from space (slightly above and to right of center)
Topographic map around my house
Todays Weather in Vista
San Diego Traffic Conditions


California Straw Building Association
School Wise Academic Performance Index
Academic Performance Index
Dataquick search


National Association of Realtors
Microsoft Home Advisor
HomeShark - mortgages, valuations
Cyberhomes - email alerts
New Homes
LendingTree loan referrals
Quicken loan referrals
E-Loan referrals
Lairs for evildoers

Shaded Relief Maps

California (354KB, 761Wx900H gif)
Northern California (462KB, 849x918 gif)
Souther California (675KB, 1259x1038 gif)

Other Maps

Microsofts server of aerial photographs, satellite images
Maps and References
Additions, Corrections and Comments
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