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It is intended to be a non-commercial resource for information about Oracle, it's administration and programming.

All suggestions appreciated.

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What I have in mind here on this page is to have several listings, including pointers for newbies, links to FAQs and message boards, and a "gold star" list of people who have been helpful for a very long time, particularly on usenet and other free, volunteer oriented message boards.

A note on commercialism - many helpful people are that way because they are professionals, and do want people to know they are available in a paid, commercial capacity. In the "olden days" on usenet, this often meant a tolerance of a brief signature file with a commercial message in it. While I think it is indeed explicitly commercial, I don't think it violates the spirit of this type of informational posting, so I will be allowing a brief message as part of contact listings, for those who want to include such information. I won't publish anyone's email unless I have some positive feedback that they allow that.

I would also like this to be a historical resource, to remember those who gave freely of their valuable time. Please email me with nominations of anyone you think should be listed. I'm provisionally using the requirement that someone must have published in traditional or electronic formats two things about Oracle spanning at least 10 years. Given the difficulty of proving provenance of older postings (especially Compuserve, and indeed, even modern postings), I reserve all discretion as to what is posted. If you have a nomination for the Gold Star List, please provide current contact information for the person, as well as pointers toward the earliest known posting or publication about Oracle. I do not intend to be judgemental about the content - indeed, as time goes by I expect there will be those who posted newbie questions, who later became quite knowledgeable.

This is an entirely manual, volunteer, one-man operation, and I do have an actual job, so please be patient if things take a while to be responded to or to appear on the site. Anyone who would like to help, let me know what you have in mind.

I do not work for Oracle Corporation, and this site is not affiliated with Oracle Corporation in any way, except in that it is about Oracle. The author of this site is not responsible for the accuracy of any information appearing thereon, or its fitness for any particular purpose. Some settling of electrons may occur during transport. All rights reserved.

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